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Re: parasite cleanse problem - Oxy-powder interaction? by megan ..... Oxygen Therapies Support Forum

Date:   10/17/2004 6:14:46 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Angielynn....I used to have a similar thing happen to me. I'd go to sleep at night and just as I was drifting off, I'd be awakened by my heart racing and feelings of panic. It would happen over and over again, each time I'd drift off, I'd start to get a panic attack. Going to sleep became a real problem, even just lying down and being still started the anxiety.

I'm still battling the parasites myself and I think that heart racing/panic is a symptom of parasites. It may be that you're irritating the buggers with the Oxypowder and anti-parasitic herbs. I got lots of panic symptoms while taking anti-parasitics...although I've taken Oxypowder and that's been okay. You may have been doing this already, but if not, definitely look into liver flushes. This is what stopped all my panic and heart racing. Regardless of what other parasite protocols you do, Liver Flushing will be a huge benefit. Right now I'm leaning more towards colon cleansing, liver flushes, kidney cleansing and probiotics rather than parasite cleansing. I'll see how it goes...I've tried for years to eradicate the buggers by killing them, and had relatively little success. So far the thing that's given me the most symptomatic relief has been liver flushes. I'm still working on the colon cleanse....

Hope this helps...keep us posted..


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