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the answer is really rathe r simple. by Wrenn ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   2/10/2004 9:51:59 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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well i think itis silly to think of getting rid of your cat/
youcna buy parasite treatment treat your self and your cat.
then go on the maintenace.

eat foods tha tpasrasites don't like. if youbuildup into a hosstiel systme fo rpaarasites they won't get in youanyhow.

like taking in cayenne daily/ increasign an workign towarda mor ealkaline system
oions, garlic, tumeric/raw pumpkin seeds/ there are a grea tmanyother foods tha they don't
like and evnetually you will reahc a state they woun't want to tryto infest youadn if they do they will rapidly leave...or die

detox/clean up you systems make sure no mucus producing food sar e beigntaken (they love
mucous environments and dirty bowels..

and don't turninto a grermaphobe 8)
i fyoutry to creatre an ultra germ free environment then youwill lose
you bodys was to devope natural immunities *)
not to count that you may end up useign toxic stuff to clean with

there are lot sof good anitbacterialessentil aoils out there
that youcan add to water and spry on walls floor etc..

andsunlight is a great antibacterail o fit sefl.

oil of oregano is cheap antibacterial anti parasitic add soemdrop s to water and use it to clean with/ normal baking soda i ahv e always used to scrub my sink s
no fumes gets the residues up and no n toxic 8)

but abov e all don't jstu go get rid of a pet tha ti syour friend..
it reallyis a simple problme to correct..

btw 90 % of humand hav e parasite s an econstanly bein g reinfested.. so as blue duck suggested do youand your cat a paarastie treat ment i gav eyouon eresource you coudl thry thati have used sucessfully and then goto maintenance
and your cat can take the Clarkia also by wt the dose coems withthe treatment.
be sur eto clan litter box well/ and to ash hands esp unde rthe nails . or evn e soak you hands an dnails for a few minute ina light water bath with a oil of oregano in it sells for 20 $ a good brnad with 85 % caarvocal lvl in it ultra strong,, youcan read on the web there the multituse of uses and how to dilute it etc. btw it goes ahdn in had withte Wormwood /walnut /cloves tinctire at teh which kills only certain parasites .. so they compliment each otehr well.

Ami Joi Benton

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