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Parasite sighting...!?? by Miss Scarletwhiskers ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/10/2005 6:53:09 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello Everyone,

I've frequented these boards for quite some time. I am finally breaking through my denial about the fact that my candida, chronic fatigue, multiple food allergies , and digestive problems are parasite related.

I've had numerous health practitioners and intuitives tell me this, but I just never really could get myself to fully wrap my head around it and really FACE the problem full force. There was a time period when I was taking P&B shakes for about eight months and the last few months of it I was taking Schultze parasites cleanse and I started to feel much better for "some reason" after many months. Never really attributed it to the herbs, though. Until now. Also, usually the die off with the parasite cleanses made me feel so rotten that I couldn't continue if I wanted to be able to keep paying my bills. However, I just discovered that taking enemas during the parasite cleanse when feeling rotten reeeeeaally helps (I have a constipation problem, too, so this doesn't help things --maybe Oxypowder can help this?).

About a month ago, I had something horrendous come out of me. It was a very long white worm that wrapped around into many many coils. The end of the worm was like a huge ball of coils. The part that was a ball of coils was brown colored like fecal matter, but the part that hung loose from the bŚll was white and very much intact. I tried to convince myself that it is only mucosal lining, but I've seen mucosal lining that looks like a worm and this was much different. There was a tiny red vein running through the long white thing and some parts of the red veinlike thing looked like there was fecal matter in it. Almost like a digestive tract with food in it!!! I was officially freaked out, and convinced that I have a parasite problem.

I think back to a time when I was 16 (although my IBS began when I was 15), I went to Guatemala. While I was there I ate some chocolate cake, and my upper lip SWELLED up and I looked like a duck. I was so embarrassed, as nothing like that had EVER happened to me! Then on the way home to the States, I was waiting in the Dallas airport because it was a connection flight. I bought some gummy bears from a store in the airport and ate them. Oddly, my THUMB swelled up huge! After this, the swelling occurences never occured again. Could this have been parasite related, especially since both times were right after eating sugar?

My parents are really angry at me for not going to a "real doctor" to get diagnosed for parasites. I just got into a heated argument with lots of yelling and tears tryiing to convince them that regular doctors usually can't detect them, and that if I were to get diagnosed that I would order the test through my wholistic M.D., who gets them diagnosed through a really accurate lab in Germany. Of course, this would cost me $250.00, so currently I would rather just take the herbs!!!

HeyJude, did you have any food sensitivities that cleared up while parasite and bowel cleansing? Did you get a lot of die off at first from the herbs? I'm about to do a Paragone & Oxypowder cleanse, but I might wait till the full moon to do this.

UUUGgghh. My parents are driving me NUTS. Hopefully I can feel better soon so I can have enough energy to work more and earn more money to move OUT of their house!!!! For cyring out loud, I"M 29!!! I feel like such a loser living with my parents. I used to have a house with my boyfriend whom I thought I was going to marry, but my illness made it all fall apart, and I am too sick to work enough to pay rent AND afford the things I need for my health, so here I am. Stuck.

But maybe not for long...!



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