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Re: Parasite sighting...!?? by Miss Scarletwhiskers ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/10/2005 8:53:53 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thanks for the info!

I notice muscle twitches, too! I notice them if I am naughty and eat a bunch of sweets and still notice them now that I am taking Paragone.

I took Grapefruit-Seed-Extract for many many months a few years back and slowly became better and better (although there was a lot further to go), but now my parasites are extremely resistant to it. I have to take 250-300 drops in a P&B shake to notice any benefit. Do you have any idea how awful that tastes?

I also have dark circles, which went away significantly when I first went 100% raw. I had more energy, I lost weight, less circles, I even needed less sleep. Then I did a Liver Flush and it was all downhill!

I now believe I just need to get rid of the excess waste in my colon and do some major parasite cleansing before my next liver flush.

I used to be able to handle these better when my parasitic infection was less intense. It even got rid of my panic attacks.

Now my health is so poor that I have to be 100% raw just to feel okay. I get so sick if I eat cooked food, and my immune system just crashes. Cold sores, pimples, viruses, you name it. But I still have the fatigue, dark circles and so many allergies to food that it's very difficult to find any food that I can feel decent after eating!

Have you become resistant to the three herbs Hulda recommends? How to you keep from becomming resistant? I'm so scared I will become resistant to the only herb that can cure me and then i will be stuck! :)

My mom also thinks that my illness is psychosomatic. She told me she believes that I could eat anything I wanted to if I had someone (shrink) to guide me through it, as it is all in my mind. She has arthritus pain in her joints all the time, but the doctors told her she does NOT have arthritis, so she was really relieved to hear this and believes them --even though she has to continue feeling the pain of Arthritis in her joints! To me, THIS type of thinking is more psychotherapist material than my own stubborn pursuit of natural healing!!!

Can a person become resistant to garlic? Since I've eaten it alot in my day, knowing that it kills practically every kind of pathogen. Now that I don't have a boyfriend anymore I can eat as much garlic as I want!!!!! Oh, the perks of being single! :)

Oh, one more question --when the parasites are dying, can they give you really intense craving reactions? Sometimes I almost feel sick I want to eat Sugar so bad. But I can't even eat fruit since it causes my candida and/or parasite symptoms to increase so much. I am currently just living off of raw salads, veggies, wheatgrass, these amazing "Taco Chips" that my raw food restaraunt makes, and sprouted buckwheat pizza crusts that they make ( I make my own raw pizzas with them. mmmmmm.)



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