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Re: My personal cure for sinus infections. It works! by Phil Koerper ..... Allergies & Intolerance Forum

Date:   4/20/2004 9:21:14 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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On flushing your sinuses. I just joined this website, and this is and old topic, but I have several things I found out.

My Osteopath and good friend turned me on to flushing my sinuses. He sent me to the health food store to get a Netti Pot. (sp) It is designed and intended to do sinus flushing. I used to do that whenever I really had stuffy sinuses.

He also told me to use Sea Salt , not processed iodized salt. He said the Iodine will cause burning. So I did and didn't get the burning. I haven't done it with Hydogen Peroxide, but it makes sense. I bet a few drops of silver would do wonders.

Several years ago I had all the Amalgam fillings removed from my mouth. I also had all the teeth with root canals removed. My dentist said that the rootcanals harbor infrections that never go away. You can read that on Hulda Clark 's stuff, and I think also on Shultze's site. Well one of them had a puncture between the root and the sinus cavity. (there is a very thin wall between the two cavities, and if the dentist slips or goes a little too deep when he is rheaming out the root, he can go thru to the sinus. That had never healed. I actually had to go to an oral surgeon to get that cavity closed, because of the drainage from the sinus.

Since then and all the Hulda Clark liver cleanses, I have a much clearer at night. When it starts stuffing up, I know it is time for another cleanse. I haven't considered doing the flush, and that would be a lot easier, so I will try that.

Thanks for sharing your Sinus adventure.


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