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Re: Can Anyone Help???` by Rabbitears ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/9/2006 8:11:42 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Since you asked....

I completely disagree with the acupuncturist. What you described is a type of poisoning and an overload. When I first started taking tinctures, I over did it once and had heart symptoms too. The feeling was immediate and I recognized that I had taken too much and learned to respect their potency. You can do bodily damage! Herbs are medicines and they really need to be respected. I know you know this, but there are others that are new and don't know what they are doing.

>I'm wondering if the reason the big ones are so hard to kill is because the amount of dewormer it would take to kill them, would also be lethal (or near-lethal) to a human? ....I'm hoping it's possible to keep the babies mopped up and outlive all the big ones. Any thoughts on this?<

I would have to agree with your assessments.

>Also, do you think maybe baby Ascaris are the same thing as, or sometimes mistaken for, threadworms? Is there a difference between a threadworm and pinworm?<

I do think that the above person may have an Ascaris problem rather than threadworms. Threadworms and pinworms are 2 different type of worms but all of them are in the "roundworm" category.

I've posted my recent experience above on Colon/Brain Connection. I stopped taking the minerals and didn't reorder them; for this reason, my experiment is inconclusive. Although, I did find that they did help particularly with killing some small ones that were bothering me. I did, however, had to take a high dose of herbs for everything to be effective.


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