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This is when the curezone book would come in real handy, Ana et al!! by esme90 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/11/2006 6:45:15 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am pretty new to cleanses myself, so I hope that someone else is typing a more full answer to your question. However, I feel it's important to help in even a small way if I can.
So, I tried a mixed tincture called Nature's answer: Black-Walnut & Wormwood complex. It's got the same herbs as Clarkia , but the alcohol has been extracted. Ther herbs are Black-Walnut , Wormwood (duh), and clove oil. I tried it for 3 weeks, and I've had some results - symptoms of die off, skin rash dying down, etc, aliens in my stools, aches, pains, ticking muscles, wierd pulses appearing in my skin, brain fog, etc.
Problems with it are that you're supposed to hit hard for 2 weeks, then lay off for a week. This means extreme die off, which can be very uncomfortable; Wormwood (aka absinthe) is possibly addictive, although nobody has reported having that problem on this site.
I finished 3 weeks on that and am taking a week's break then will start on humaworm. This is in capsule form, and like parastroy, paranil, and a host of other products has the 3 original Clarkia herbs, plus others that are supposed to help, either by killing specific worms, stopping egg-laying, helping the body to cleanse the die off or strengthening the immune system. Humaworm is a month's course, and differs from Clarkia in that it is supposed to be taken for longer, thus increasing the chances of you taking it during a vulnerable phase of the worm's lifecycle.
The other stuff you mention - P&B, Oxypowder , etc - are bowel cleanses. Lots of people decide to do a Bowel Cleanse simultaneous with the parastie cleanse in order to help remove toxins, and ease die off symptoms. I, myself started a parasite cleanse, then decided that a Bowel Cleanse would help get stubborn intestinal parasites out, as the worms are supposed to lay some of their eggs on the mucoid plaque that lines our intestines. However, it has been questioned whether mucoid plaque even exists, and I ahven't seen any signs of it after 2 weeks. I do think the Bowel Cleanse has helped with getting rid of stubborn visitors though.
I started on P&B, which has lots of fibre, and is a bit difficult if you are prone to constipation. I haven't had constipation much before, but I've been slightly constipated on this. I am switching to Oxypowder when I start the humaworm because a) I have a theory that worms don't like high oxygen environments (I did find a site on the web that backed me up, but it was trying to sell a product, so is questionable in verity, and I've lost the url).
b) it's supposed to give you very watery stools
c) it's supposed to foster aerobic probiotic bacteria in the gut.
I'm also intending to do a liver flush, next week, in case I have any worms in my liver, and also to enable my liver to better help me to flush these things out of the rest of my body.
Hope this helps. Hopefully the big guns will be able to give you a better answer soon.

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