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Re: Hep C Cure? by UserX ..... Hepatitis C Support HCV

Date:   11/9/2005 4:44:29 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Doctors don't seem to know anything for sure. We have to trust our bodies' wisdom to steer us through the conflicting information and find the answers that are right for ourselves. Some people will be cured, others will not. One person's cure is another person's poison. Serious diseases like Hep C can be an awakening if we take responsibility for our own health.

I nearly died from it before I knew what was wrong with me. I have been tired and needed lots of rest for 30 years, but I just thought it was a weak constitution and candida. Three years ago I got a crick in my neck that wouldn't get better, my joints began to ache, every wart and mole on my body began to itch like crazy, the "athsma" that I've had since high school got really bad, my liver was hurting, my stomach was bloated, I was having trouble swallowing my food, my appetite was gone, my stools were sometimes yellow, my urine was occasionally dark, I was losing weight, exhausted and two extra strength Aleve didn't relieve the pain. I was afraid I had malignant melanoma that had metastasized to my lungs and liver. I put black salve on my itchy warts and moles. It stopped the itching and the crick in my neck went away for about a month, and then it returned. I decided to take bloodroot internally. I experienced terrible nausea and diahrrea, but the pain in my neck went away, the wheezing got much better, and my warts and moles stopped itching. After taking bloodroot and hoxey for 6 months I was feeling much better. I applied for some life insurance and they turned me down because (they said) I have hep C.

I researched hep C and learned that it is usually accompanied by parasites. I added parasite cleansing to my routine. I now feel better and have more energy than I've had my entire adult life and I am fifty. I most likely got hep C when I was in my early 20's. I am happier than I've ever been. I'm glad to know so much about my body and take this level of responsibility for my health. I feel empowered. This disease has been an awakening for me.


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