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Re: your thoughts on bird flu by Andreas Moritz ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   10/5/2005 9:00:50 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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The more we fear it, the more we energize it. If there is a mass hysteria, it it is likely to occur. Viral outbreaks don't happen accidentally, like hurricanes don't happen accidentally. Viruses go by vibration. Collective vibration was extremly low in the beginning of the 20th century, and reached its extreme in 1914. We are moving through a period of two extremes right now, one has a very high vibration, the other very low. This is necessary to bring about a shift that will radically change the way we live our lives on earth. The climate changes, the polar ice caps are melting, the coastlines become inhabitable, the scandals will make governments wean and inefficient, the economies are being rebalanced and parts of them will collapse. Religions will fail to offer substantial help to those who seek emotional help, and yes, new diseases will pop up that have never existed before. mankinf will be forced to deal with the root causes of all the problems it has ever faced and still faces. Squashing the symptoms will no longer work. All this leads to a mass awakening. Those who try to control the masses will appear to succeed for a while, but break up when desperation strikes them as well. Those who vibrate at a higher note or frequency of love, not fear, will not attract any of this into their lives but create solutions to every problems they phase, with lightning speed. There are quick solutions to a deadly virus, but those who have these solutions are still being harassed and persecuted as we speak. Their invenstions are simple and powerful and heal a lot more than a viral infections. The main thing on can do is not participate in the mass hysteria and to uphold your light and dignity. Viruses are attracted to an aura riddled by fear. Viruses are not vicious monsters. They help to create balance where it not. It is not about individual lives at this stage in human history, it is about the evolution and survival of the planet and the human race. Somehow, the self-destruction has to end. Fires, storms, earthquakes and diseases work together to make this plant a place worth living in, and perhaps, dying for. We have enslaved and mistreated, and eaten billions of birds/poulty for years. This abuse is becoming unacceptable to the bird tribe. They rise up, just like the rest of the planet does. At the end, all this is in everyone's best interest.


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