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Re: Prickly Pear and spiritual evolution by Andreas Moritz ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   11/26/2005 2:00:37 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Lori, As far as I know prickly pear favors Vata and Pitta types.

Eating a vegan diet can be quite detrimental to one's health. There is vegan and vegan. Some fill themselves up with tofu and soy milk, others just eat veggie wraps or veggie burgers. Some eat fresh home-made meals, others eat mostly resaurant foods. There is a huge range of "vegan foods " some healthful, some not.

Many New Age folks attribute their healh problems to the shift or "ascension" we are going through. Whereas there is a certain influence from that, the real cause is not external. Since the shift actually occurs inside of us (and we are instrinsically one with the outer world), it requires that we attend to "the unfinished business" within ourselves, that is, the guilt, shame and fear. Our eating habits and how else we treat our body reflects what is inside us. A person who is neglecting the physical body and focuses only on spiritual matters, misses the point. The body, too, is spirit. Beyond it's molecular, atomic and subatomic manifestation, the body is enery and information, or pure spirit. Giving the body the message that it isn't really important, sends the body's spirit (which isn't seprate from us) the message that it doesn't need to functions well' and so it won't. Everything is important, everything is spiritual, even darkness and negativity. Emotional toxicity arises when we resist somehting, when we feel we cannot accept soemthing, or when we feel we are not in our power (victim). Likewise, physical toxicity arises when resistance builds up in the body, which is a blockage or congestion, as in blocked bile ducts. However, toxicity can also arise when the elimination of toxins or waste from the body occurs more slowly than their release from a certain area. To correct that, it is wise to cleanse the three large organs of elimination, the colon, liver and kidneys.

We are perfectly able to move through the transition without major upheavals. To blame the ascension process for our physical and emotional suffering may become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it has a disempowering effect on us. The more we believe in such a notion, the more it will become real. Ascension is merely a word that describes a process of becoming more and more aware of our true multidimensional nature. We are not ascending anywhere, we are just becoming more conscious of who we already are. We are not moving from 3D to 5D or higher. We are already 5D and higher. Just being in a human body that is as dense as we pereceive it at this time, creates the illusion that we are physical 3D beings. We have lost "sight" of who we are and the "ascension" occurs to restore our original sight while remaining in a physical body. This mandates that our body changes and the liver plays a major role in that. Stones in the liver bile ducts make it physically difficult or jarring to integrate with our light bodies, or more refined spiritual bodies. This can lead to the occurence of a toxicity crisis, which we call disease. The disease, unless interefered with, then becomes a way to remove the toxins and open the door for reaching another spiritual advancement or gift.


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