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Attn. Joyce! Amalgam+ M.S. by Grog ..... Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Date:   6/21/2004 6:38:14 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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MS is the disease that has most often come to our attention. It is a disease in which the immune system attacks the myelin, or insulation around nerves. Historically there are many references to suspicion between Amalgam and MS. From the biological standpoint mercury can attack myelin tissues and generate an autoimmune response. Mercury can also alter the 3-dimensional form of proteins that can lead to the inhibition of catalytic activity that may be necessary in nerve impulse transmission.
Mercury damages the protective abilities of the blood-brain barrier that select what can and cannot cross into the brain, thus indirectly allowing other harmful substances to enter nervous tissue. Published scientific articles by Arvidson describe how mercury can leave the filling, go through the pulp chamber onto the nerve that activates the teeth -- the trigeminal nerve -- and follow this nerve backward (retrograde transport) into the brain. A Swedish researcher, Nylander authored one of several papers describing the close correlation between the amount of mercury in the brain of cadavers and the number of Amalgam fillings present.

From results of a survey on a radio show, it was noted that mercury is not the only dental material that can stimulate MS. When asked, "If you have come down with an incurable or non-responsive disease and had dental work done within 6 months before the onset, what was the dental procedure, and what was the disease, and how long was it in between. You will have 20 seconds to tell this information." Six lines were lit up continually for the next hour and a half. The winner? Multiple sclerosis diagnosed by MRI within 90 days after the placement of a root canal.

That was a surprise, but now that we have studied root canals more, it seems far more plausible. Toxins found on extracted root canal teeth have been noted to kill some of the body's most resistant enzymes at extremely minute dosages. This contributes damaged nerve impulse transmission and to a reduction of immune defense. If these chemicals touch cells and does not kill them, they do not look like self, and therefore can stimulate an autoimmune response.

In a system I call "new math", it is noted that if a toxicity of one kind is introduced to a biological system, it has X potential for damage. If another toxin of 1 X potential is added to it, the total is not one, not two, but may be 50 times more damaging than either one by itself. In the oral cavity, it is not unusual to find Amalgams with 5 metals that produce 16 corrosion products, a root canal tooth filled with more than 10 chemicals that also produce a whole new gamut of toxins, a crown made from 6 or more non-precious metals, together with a plastic composite filling containing up to 8 chemicals. 1+1+1= what, in a conglomerate like this?

Removal of amalgam, root canals, and other offending substances from the mouths of MS patients when done according to a certain protocol has produced remarkable results in hundreds of MS patients. Not only have their motor skills improved, but blood chemistries and even protein degradation in the cerebro spinal fluid have improved. Why have the ADA and MS society banned together to prevent this information from getting to the public?



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