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Me as a whore, then dying? by MatrixV ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   4/12/2004 12:49:45 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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My dream is below - my question is, does anyone know what being a prostitute in a dream means - the falling/dying part is ok to decipher, but a whore!!

These parts of my dream were part of a longer dream, but its all i really remember.
I was sleeping with a man - the details of that werent important, however the fact that i was charging him 200 dollars for my services was. Time went by and i was still in bed with him. He complained that I was going to cost a lot (several hours times 200...!!) and i replied "you dont honestly think im going to charge you do you?" with a sort of affection for him, even though he didnt seem to have the same for me.

I was then standing in a large box shaped room. This was sticking out from a cliff/tall building.
I was in this room with a lot of people - who were aliens - they were all there for some sort of conference.
Then there was a garbage truck which was trying to break out of a large glass window in the room, it backed into the glass once and didnt break it. a second time - with more effort - and the truck went through the glass, but the room broke off whatever it was attached to and started tumbling.
I knew it was good that the aliens would be dead - which i think was also what the truck was trying to achieve, but i was terrified i might hurt myself or die in the fall too. was almost a reversion to the falling dreams of old! I then woke up.


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