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Re: cars and being chased. by Tracey ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   4/29/2004 8:12:55 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I like how you slipped that last bit in at the end! ha! I think that you're probably correct about that dream...if that's what sprung to mind...I bet you're on the mark! (a tough situation, no doubt and something you just want to get over quickly! Interesting that it (he?) felt like an obstacle in your super-highly Path that you're on...hmmmmmm!

The first dream is'll have to tell me if it felt at all like a past life dream? I're in a skirt with medium heals on cobblestones...a hunter...? It all sounds pretty past life-y to me. How did it feel?

Also...YES, I just copy and pasted that Chasing definition for Casey...and I was struck by the meaning, too. It's quite beautiful - and I DO feel that it's totally appropriate for you. You're discovering MORE of your Self! Expanding out....and if the dream, above, does have some past life feelings then it could mean, too, that you are becoming more aware of all these lives/selves/aspects of yourself! It definitely sounds like you were becoming more aware within this chase dream, too (it wasn't as scary, you were more relaxed), which totally backs all this up!

I guess that sentence on it's own could perhaps sum up the way you're feeling about your life and your path...!

"I was not worried what would happen to me" "It was more fun than anything"

If you've had chase dreams your whole life (and if you did live a life where you were chased...things like that DO happen in lives!) then it sounds like you're moving into a new, less worried, more fun and easy going

Cool, Leah!

love T


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