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Angry Jesus and a VW bug by keason ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   9/18/2004 9:30:47 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My mother was involved with a 'new age' type of cult leader (or so I thought) and was trying to get me to join.

She took me to a house with a few other people and played a video about the group. I don't remember what it was, but I wasn't really paying attention- I was too busy making fun of it along with the other people.

Finally my mom said "OK, maybe you need proof".
We all looked up above our heads to the landing at the
top of a staircase, where a man stood, dressed in white robes and looking exactly like those paintings of Jesus (a white man with a beard, etc- oh, by the way, I was raised by atheist parents).

The man held out his arms and little pinwheels of light came out of his fingers and he levitated- just sort or hung in the air above us and then slowly descended to the ground. He didn't quite touch the floor, and I ran over and started waving my hands above and below him, searching for the invisible wires that I was absolutely certain were there. Instead I felt a rush of air in the air around him. He turned and looked at me with absolute rage in his eyes, and the light in them suddenly enveloped me. It was more like I went into his eyes. I felt out of my body, couldn't move or speak, and was terrified but I couldn't do anything about it. Finally I heard my mom say "She's afraid" and I was back in my body and in the room again.

The man said "Let's try this then" and had me sit down.
"You are driving a VW bug. Do you feel the seat underneath you?"
And all of a sudden, I did. It was as if I were outside of my body watching it sit there on the sofa, looking rather ridiculous making arm and leg movements as though it were driving a stickshift car. At the same time, I felt the car, but never saw it. Very bizarre.

After awhile I turned to him and said "Fine. So you're a hypnotist?" and he lifted his arms toward me so that I felt that rush of air and again I saw the light in his eyes, and I was out of my body. This time I tried to scream and thrash but couldn't get myself back in my body.

That's when I woke up, thrashing around in bed with the blankets twisted all around me!

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