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cheers by MatrixV ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   12/1/2004 10:48:22 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Thanks for responding!
I think you may have been right in the first post.

" It seems that your dream signifies a loss of power. I believe this is especially true in terms of your ability to communicate. I don't know if this would be a bad thing for sure. It depends on whether you feel constrained by others or by outside situations."

I think i feel that I have in some way lost facets of being able to communicate, and in other ways gained it.
I'm holding back on saying a lot of things i want to (to certain people), because of circumstance, but seemingly by doing so, the things I do say, tend to have more depth and thought to them.
New thing for a loudmouth Gemini!! & a good one i think.

"It could also be a change going on that is more internal to you. The loss may be of power, of a sounding board, or of something that gives you those things that you need to feel good about who you are. "
and by not saying all that i think, i feel like i have lost sounding boards in those that i dont just babble to. But perhaps that is a good thing.

and yeah, change is mostly uncomfortable and we are grateful for it in hingsight!

"If this is an external situation or person, you may need to find a way to assert yourself or redeem your belief in your own worth. Once you find an appropriate means to deal with the situation, you may find that you regain respect, both from yourself and others. If you act in a reactionary way, you may lose even more ground."

i am still trying to find a way to work the situation out without rocking boats, mine and others... thinking i may have found it, but its not 100% to my liking, mainly because its not what i'd normally do - once again, change...

"Hopefully this is not so off base that I sound like a nut (though I am somewhat...)"
U dont sound nutty at all! That was quite a ripper little diagnosis actually. I mean, i can read meaning into it!

Cheers FOY! Thanks for your ideas and time.

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