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Re: Childhood dream, can someone interpret it? by #42788 ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   3/30/2005 2:13:17 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I had a similar experience about 10 years ago. It's important for you to remember (if you can)your actual state of consciousness. The reason why I write this is because when I had my experience (I was an adult not a child)--it was so vivid that it wasn't a dream but an actual experience in that "gray area" of sleep and awake which actually puts our awareness in a different plane.

I hope I'm not confusing or scaring you--I only want to help. Being a Christian, I was able to plead the blood the Jesus because this entity had come into my room and grabbed me--I too felt the skeletal hands but when I began saying "The blood of Jesus" repetitively, the skeletal hands started to melt away and the presence disappeared.

I don't know how old you are now but my interpretation of your dream is as follows:

It wasn't a dream but an actual experience. You were probably born with the gift of spiritual discernment ( that's the term we Christians call psychic ability)--that entity might have come to scare you or you were merely aware of it's presence. In any case it frightened you and it might have caused you to shut down in spiritual sense which was why you cut yourself off and withdraw from the world.

I believe you remember it so vividly because God is calling you to re-open that awareness. The gift is a wonderful one, sometimes it might cause you pain because you don't know why you have it or how to control. The easiest thing to do is to allow your spiritual eye to open.

As humans, we are all given different types of gifts, this gift was given to you so that you will have the ability to assess, prepare and pray in each situation you are shown. You have the power to resist these negative entities (I call them demons)!

Here's how to arm yourself:

If you are not already doing this, pray
Read Psalms 27, 70 and 139
Seek some type of spiritual counsel
If you are not involved in a faith already, attend a service
(sometimes if you attend a church, synagogue or mosque with a large sized congregation you can get lost in the crowd and just listen to what's being said and sung without "being under a microscope)
Be diligent at these things--you don't have give this 100% of your time but give it some attention--it's a fabulous gift to be able to spot a demon--God Bless You and I will keep you in my prayers so that your spiritual eye will reopen!!!!!


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