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hi blueangel by Wrenn ..... Sex & Sexual Health Forum

Date:   11/29/2003 4:02:32 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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you sound unhappy and stressed and unsure.
that is not love.
i would not say abandon teh relationship.. esp since you did say the had no intimacies/ and he did feel open enuff with you to share with you soem thing that heknew woudl risk the relationship..
apparently you gav ehim signals that youdid in fact forgive him and truste dhim since he has now been flirtin online.. perhaps youand he (as most guys and gals do) have definite differences of opinions of relationship etiqueette
you in a way gav ehim the go head.. he thinks as long as he is not doing the deed that the flirting is ok .. and it may truly be innocen t flirting.. but if it bothers you / then you need to be honest and say so.. hey !!yuo rflirting may make you get an ego boost but it destroys me and my trust in you , yo uknow?
i woudl definitely take a breather if it were me..
i fyou have a plac eto go for several months then go..
ge tout with jstu soem friedns and get a good persepectiv eon life in general and what you expect form a realtion ship
you are definitley not flourishing under your current circumstances. consider waht guidelines you wan tto see followed in a relationship and when he returns be honest and say i am not willing to stay unhappy and stressed and uncertain.. this is a new day.. and tak eit a day at a time... i fyou honestly feel you cannot trust him.. theere is notihing in teh world that can chnage that underlying feeling.. too many fish in sea and too littel time of life on earth,relax and enjoy life and tak econtrol of your own can never make anyone be wah tyou want them to be anyhow. obviously he is not amkign you happy at all.. this doesn tmean you dont care about him or lov ehim...or same vice versa from jsut means you are not buildign a good relationship of trust and intimacy.
hav eyou considered maybe he told you this stuff and has been doign things he knows would bother you on purpose? because he my inwardly wan ta change anyhow? ot believe it or not soem guys liek to keep a gal jealous for their own ego boosts too.. conciously or subconciously it is still veyr danaging to your self esteem and you dont need an environmetn liek that.. tell him go have fun , bu tthat you willbe takign a *vaction 8 too whiel he is gone, and if he has pets et che needs paln to have them taken care of caus eit is not your job.. you are going on a vacation too.. get my drift? dont say it spitefully .. but jstu hoep youhave a great tiem , i knwo i paln to *smile*
Ami B. ps and don't go cheat jstu to get a jump on what may not even be ahppeneign at all

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