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sugarlily by Wrenn ..... Sex & Sexual Health Forum

Date:   12/5/2003 3:50:02 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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no matter what teh topic is/ you will never please very one.. lif eis a catch 22 damend i fyou do and damned i fyou don't
live your life.
my personal motto?
what lies between teh sheets styas there. it is private betwen tow peopl eof mututal consent no one eleses business
stay closed mouth in public and open mouthed in private.
communication it the road to good sexual intimacy.
and then leav eit at teh door when you exit. it is between you and your lover... tha tis the whoel meaning o f intimacy... private personalinteractiosn onlyb e tween you and loved one in a trustign environ ment.
i am not sayign youahv eto deny in debates etc your viewpoints.. but never feel you hav eto justify... no on eelse is god ove ryou / and no one has the right to make youffel liek youahve to jsutify your personal decisions it is YOUR LIFE. be respectful of others feeligns/ put honesty above all else and be open in comminication with your mate and don't make it others business.. or they will misunderstan dand think youare givign them power to tellyou wha tto do /tehn youwilljstu get mad or confused or upseeet it don't get answers youwant..
i agree totally you need ot leanr to bring your slef to orgasm.. ho w cna you expect anyone to pleas eyou if you don't knwohow to show thme? to start with... same with youbf or gf as the cas emaybe.. ask him specifiallcally to guid eyouin what pelases him.. and youall willbe worls happier fo rit. sex is supposedto be fun not an exercise in performance did you cvome? was it good? etc..
don't fake it either.. tha tis way off base.. be hones i did not come... lets fool aaround with this and discover ho whte bell rings *) and dont feel liek anythign is wrong if it takes youa bit did youever get a cahemistry class right experiemnt first time out? nope...

Ami B. have happy holidays

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