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Date:   1/16/2004 3:44:35 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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just do it for fun to rebuild their marreid egos, that they are still attractive to women.
i tby no menas implies tha the is seriously interested.
an dif he is.. he woudl let you know in far better terms tha tjstu looking at you
and if he was remember h ehas responsibilities etc is belongs to someoen else...
off limit s to you .. unless he is actaully becoem singel and maintained that fo RA good 6 months
caus eother wise youmight fin dyour sel fin a rebound relatioship tha twon't last anyhow...

i woudl discontinue it . youare palying with your own emotions.. and on e a one way rollercoaster of plain fancy of youdo that..
like my mom used to say he is a big boy
if he wants to be with you he will let you know in a ways that there can be no doubt.
he has not done that .. so get yur head out of fnatasyland..

why do youfeel the need ot verify tha the migh tbe attracted to you ?
shut the door/ because it isn't even open... (only in your mind).
guys do this allthe time .....they knwo they woudl never paly around on their wives, but they need ot feel like they are still attractive and have got the goods to amke women
want them or to fantasize about them..
bad stoll down mental gam elane..
start givign long eye contact yourslef to guys tah tare available instead of lettin an unavailable one waste you time and energy 8)
best to you

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