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Does anyone eat his/her wheatgrass? by #32831 ..... Dr. Schulze Support Forum

Date:   7/21/2005 2:03:48 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I always juice my wheatgrass, but I decided to add a bunch of wheatgrass to my salad tonight (I ate it on Sunday too). Anyways, I put a bunch of wheatgrass into my mouth and spoke at the same time. The wheatgrass went into my breathing tube, and I couldn't get it out-I coughed and coughed to get it out, and it was stuck. An ambulance had to come, and I had to go to the hospital. I was choking, and I honestly thought I wouldn't make it. It's hard to get a bunch of grass out of the breathing tube, since it's straight and long. I've never choked before, and I am embarrassed to even tell this story. Is it safe to even eat wheatgrass, b/c it is so easy to choke on? I thought I would double the amount of times i consume wheatgrass by not only adding it to juice, but adding it into salads. Does anyone eat their wheatgrass?

Anyone who does eat it, never talk while you do, as it is really easy for the stringy grass to go down the wrong tube.

Anyways, I am grateful to have an unblocked breathing tube again (although it is inflammed b/c of the irritation from the grass). We sure take a lot for granted. Even when one suffers from health challenges, one should always look at what one has, not on what one doesn't have health wise, b/c it can always be worse.

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