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Re: Current Update (Another Terribly Long Post) by aluna ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/11/2004 11:54:51 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hello EG,

I'm glad you have gotten rid of the odor. I have read all the posts in this link and you have been given some wonderful advice, but I would like to add a few things to it.

First off, when you could smell the odor, I believe it was coming from your nostrils, not your body. I have had the same issue in the past, and when I realized that others couldn't smell the odor, I had to figure out why I could! When the body detoxes it will use all organs of elimination, such as colon, bladder, skin, etc, and the nostrils or nasal passages is certainly another place for that to happen. I discovered this when I started to take Megahydrin and all I could smell was nicotine. This antioxidant was getting rid of toxins in my system and I smelled the nicotine in my nostrils, no one else could smell it, and it was very strong.

I notice you use a lot of commercial things, like Degree deodorant, fabric softeners, ect. Dr. Hulda Clark has done extensive research into many products and has found chemicals and toxins that over the years, accumulate in our systems. Besides changing your diet, you need to take a hard look at your cosmetics, laundry products, and household cleaning products, and change to all natural products as much as possible. I have followed a lot of her advice and found that not only did I save money, but have benefitted because I have much fewer headaches (breathing fumes from cleaners), and my skin looks better after getting rid of lotions and using either pure aloe or olive oil. I use hydrogen peroxide as a household cleaner now, it is my deodorant, mouthwash, etc.

You are doing a lot of expensive things to help your health, and the few things I am now doing, that have save me a lot of money is to use:
Hydrogen peroxide for anything and everything I can. I put a trigger sprayer in a 32 oz bottle and spray away on counter tops or armpits!
Organic Olive oil as moisturizer for face and body (I have oily skin and am prone to breakouts and this really helps to reduce that!)
GrapeFRUIT seed extract, internally and externally. I take the capsules, 2x a day and use the drops mixed in water for everything else. It is my medicine for colds, abrasions, general health.

I never put a Sugar substitute of any kind in my body. I use either real Sugar (which I try to avoid) or stevia, but for the most part, I am trying to be 100% sweetener free.

I try to get at least one hour a day of sunshine. This free and wonderful source of good health is not recognized enough as something that is life altering, but it is. Even four, 15 minute sessions of being in the sun can help your mood, energy levels, etc.

I take a really good vitamin/mineral/antioxidant that I purchase from under the brand name NSI.
Primal Defense, 3 caps a day
Complete EFAs.
Powdered Vitamin C (I put this in my tea and try to get at least 5 grams daily).
Megahydrin, I take 2 tabs a day, but when I first started using it, I did 2 tabs 4x a day and that got rid of a lot of maladies for me. Awesome supplement!

I am a smoker too. This digusting habit has me lock, stock and barrel, and as much as I try to hide it from others, I think it is pretty obvious. When I am taking a lot of antioxidants, I notice my urine smells of smoke! The day will come when I kick this habit, but in the meantime, I am always looking to keep the damage it causes at bay.

I am sorry you have an eating disorder. I can't help you there and I do however want you to know that I will hope and pray for you to be able to overcome this battle. I have seen the pain a friend of mine went through to get better. It was not easy for her at all, but she did it and her world is a much brighter place.


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