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Continue Probiotic Thread by dyson ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/23/2004 1:37:35 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am selling KFORCE in Australia only. I have had only positive feedback from the people who have used it. IT is definitely not a miracle pill, and people with bad breath must use the proper regime of tongue cleaning etc, and look at other factors.

Please stop spreading lies.
You were never sold any products by KFORCE.
KFORCE does not cost $45
KFORCE is not 1/4 the strength of lozenges
You have not tried other products at higher more effective concentrations.
The recommended dose is not 4 times a day. The maximum dose is 4 times a day. There is a difference.
The KFORCE regime was worked out by lab tests in New Zealand.

1 KFORCE dose = 1 BLIS lozenge. A 60sec rinse is the same amount of colinisation as sucking a lozenge for 60 secs. After sucking the lozenge you swallow the ingredients, where they die off in the stomach. With KFORCE you spit out. The result is the same. The mouth receives the same colinisation.

Using chlorhex every day will, stain your teeth, change your taste perception, promote candida, change your mouth bacteria completely. Have you been using chlorhex every day in your regime? It sure sounds like it.

Treating bad breath is not about sterilising your mouth, it is about promoting the proper bacteria in your mouth. Every bacteria in your body has a purpose.

I refer you to a study done by Dr Loesche who showed that S.salivarius is present in all healthy mouths but is absent in most unhealthy mouths

In conclusion, I feel you should stop occupying this board's time bad mouthing. No one product works for everyone. I am sure better products will come along in the future.

It is up to every individual to make their own decision. Considering that KFORCE is not sold in USA or Canada, which I assume is the majority of this board, I dont see how I or anyone else can be accused of selling it to you. I am only putting accross my thoughts from the people who have bought the product from me.

I dont intend to carry this thread any longer.

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