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I would like trying glyconutrients by Claudio Acuña ..... Glyconutrients & Phytonutrients

Date:   1/6/2005 9:28:36 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I am prone to try the glyconutrients you offer. If these products you recommended to ne make me feel good I will spread the voice for free. If you beleive that the products you advice me to take are really good for me I want you to send them for free too. My mail address is:

Castro Barros 34 3º "C"
Bernal (1876)
Provincia de Buenos Aires
República Argentina

To avoid Buenos Aires Custom you must send the parcel as "urgent donation", otherwise you must pay the duties.

Do your best and I wish you have all the luck in your task

Claudio Enrique Acuña

What must I take for my illness????

From: "Dee Dee Shaw" Add to Address Book
To: "'Claudio Acuqa'"
Subject: RE: What must I take for my illness????
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 10:55:17 -0500

Wow! Sounds like you have been to lots of doctors
looking for answers. First
of all, I need to know what country you live in,
so we can figure out how to
get the products to you. Secondly, I will give
you my suggestions. Keep in
mind though that the products are not designed to
treat, cure or mitigate
disease. They just give the body what is missing
and the body in turn uses
those missing ingredients to get healthy.
It sounds as if you might have glycosylation
disfunction which should
respond really well to A*****ose. But it also
sounds as if there are some
other issues that really need addressing related
to hormonal imbalance which
affects moods/depression/etc as well as
malfunctioning organs.
It also sounds as if you have a lot of toxic
build up in your digestive
system. So, based on the different symptoms you
mentioned I would recommend
the following:
A*****ose - start out at 2 tsp per day and
increase by 1/2 tsp every 2 weeks
if you are not seeing results (although I suspect
that the normal dose will
be sufficient)
A*****ose AO - 1 two times per day (this will
detox your system and may make
you feel worse for a few days. Some people even
say they feel like they have
the flu, but with LOTS of water and perseverance
for a few days it goes away
in 3-5 days.) -label recommendation
Catalyst (food matrix vitamin that supports blood
sugar/pressure and help
your metabolism work properly) 2 two times per
day (label recommendation)
Plus - for balancing hormones and supporting
glands and organs -VERY
important in your case 3 three times per day at
least until you get back to
a state of optimal health. (3 times the label
Ma**aCLEANSE - binds the toxins and flushes them
out of the colon. Another
one that is very important. This is not a
laxative, or a 'colon cleanse' but
is very effective in gently restoring the
digestive system to normal
function. It is important that you drink lots of
water with this one too, or
the toxins and 'gunk' will just settle further
down in the intestines.
Phyt-Aloe - something you might consider adding
in later, but it has been
shown to help restore the proper eye function.
Many people have seen good
results using this product that have glaucoma,
cataracts, and macular

The next big question is how to afford all these
supplements. There is not a
huge markup in the cost.. it is much less than
what the normal supermarket
adds on, and WAY, WAY less than pharmaceutical
companies. However, M****tech
is not as concerned with cost as they are with
quality. They pay $3000 per
pound for the raw product that fuccose (one of
the saccharides in A*****ose)
is derived from. What they did do is design a
system so that you can get
your products for free though. It is based on a
referral system. You can
read about it at
First thing we need to
determine is how to get you your products in your
native country. I couldn't
tell based on the phone number you plugged in
where you live. Once I know
that, I can better determine how to help you.

Dee Dee Shaw

Check out the latest in medical research - stem
cell therapy! AND, You can
get it for free!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Claudio Acuqa
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 9:58 AM
To: Dee Dee Shaw
Subject: What must I take for my illness????

Hi Dee. Have a happy new year. Here is my

What must I take for my illness in a daily
Thank you for your answer.

My illness according to the medical doctors I

My illness used to be very strange for these
doctors. I have
these symptoms since I was fifteen years old, at
least. As far as some
doctors said I had:

1) rheumatism, according to Dr. Victor Bevaqua,
2) a lack of calcium because I was not taking
products and
I have some malabsortion, according to Dr Delio
iridiologist and naturopath
3) an endogenous depression, according Dr Laura
Belfiore, shrink of
Mendizabal Foundation Agaist Depression
4) an atypical depression, according to the
Darío Saferstein,
Psychiatrist of Clinicas Hospital when he was
that my
brain cells did not absorbed the glucose properly
5) the brain cells in my front and nape do not
properly, according to Dr. Darío Saferstein and
6) fobic and obsessive neurosis, according to Dr
Carlos March,
7) sinusitis, according to Dr Juan Carlos March,
Dario Saferstein
and others
8) allergic sinusitis, according to Dr Juan
9) my immunologic system was attacking my body,
according to Dr...
10) sacroilleitis, according to Dr Juan Carlos
and Osplad
11) an unbalanced nervous system, according to Dr
Carlos March
12) mental problems which cause my illness
13) a lazy gallbladder, according to Juan Carlos
14) bleeding gums
15) morbus sex, just it is to say, excesive
self-gratification, according
to Drs. Gezurian, nathuropaths and iridiologists.
16) Hypoglycemia, according Dr. Ana Maria
17) an intoxication with caffeine and aspirin,
according to Dr. Ana
Maria Soerenson
18)sequels of an hepatitis I had at my 16 years
according to
doctor Dr Carlos Alcalá Hernandez, acupunturist
19) that the major problem to my health is in my
disfunctional liver
according to Dr Juan Carlos March
20) an unbalance organism beyond all medication,
according to Dr
Romero, iridiologist
21) a poor elimination of toxins through my skin
as Dr
Romero told me
22) that my symptoms are imposible of being
understood, according to
Dr Sosa Funes, iridiologist
25) that I am a glutton, according to Dr Delio
and naturopath
26) that I am too fat
23) that I need to sleep more even taking pills
attain that,
according to Dr Darío Safertein, Dr Carmen
Gonzalez and
24) that the food I eat remains a lot inside my
intestins, poisoning
my body affecting my head and legs, according to
25) that I should take psychochemicals if I
wanted to
feel well,
according to Dr Dario Saferstein
26) that I should talk with a therapyst to heal
mind according to
27) that I should use glasses to see better
my sight would
get worst, according to Osplad
28) Rheumatoid Arthritis , according to FREMI
29) muscle cramps and a lot of pain, according to
Delio Esteve
30) a past of oxyuriasis between my 20 and 25
old healed with
Nemasole prescribed to me by Dr Donato Dauria
31) an intoxicated bowel, according to Dr Antonio
iridiologist and naturopath
32) a swollen liver, according to Dr Antonio
33) a fallen colon, according to Dr Delio Esteve
39) glaucoma, according ophthalmology of Quilmes
40) endogenous depression, according to
21) chronic dermatitis, according to Quilmes

Claudio Acuña


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