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sharancs by Tracey ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/7/2003 3:06:28 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hi Sharancs!

Excellent to hear from you.

So...because you feel okay eating fats...and something seems to happen when you drink cold drinks this does suggest that there is something else going on in there. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say to drink mainly WARM drinks (warm water is best first thing in the morning with lemon - it alkalizes the system and stimulates peristalsis) and never icy cold ones. It stagnates the organs. SO - stop the cold drinks for sure.

I do believe that a Bowel Cleanse would be very good. This is more along the lines of Bentonite & Psyllium husks (see the 'Cleanse' link I gave you above) or Holistic Horizons. You can do the parasite cleanse and Bowel Cleanse at the same time - but there is lots of scheduling involved because both need to be taken on an empty stomach. How long have you don the PC for now? 30 days in a row is recommended. So maybe you can start the Bowel Cleanse and do both until the PC is finished..?

A coffee enema would probably be very good for you. Here are some links: // sounds like you could greatly benefit from some castor oil packs: //

See this link for information on keeping your system more Alkaline. You may be eating too many Acid-forming foods (pasta, breads, meats, dairy, alcohol). It is recommended to eat 80% Alkaline-forming foods (vegetables and fruits) and 20% Acid-forming foods - every day. //

We want you healthy, Sharancs! Know that it is just have to do some cleanses, make some adjustments to your diet, BELIEVE that you CAN heal yourself and stick to it, joyfully, hopefully!


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