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Re: Rebounding: A superior exercise for the lymph system by ruthful ..... Lymph Cleansing Support Forum

Date:   7/15/2004 7:33:32 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Yugo,

There are a number of ways to get the lymphatic system going. One free and cheap way is deep breathing.

At an internation meeting of the International Lymphatic Society (made up of alot of big hitters in the medical world, like heads of hospitals and research facilities) one of the researchers did a great demonstration. At that time it was believed that physical activity was the main moving of lymphatic fluid. So this researcher had a man with a camera in his subclavian vein and a monitor so all could view what was going on inside him. He was put on a tread mill and put through the paces and there was not alot of activity in the lymph fluid. This alone was shocking to the audience.

So then he got off the tread mill and did some real deep breathing and guess what, the lymphatic fluid from the thoracic duct shot like a geyser into the subclavian vein. What this means is the deep breathing causes the lymphatic fluid in the thoracic duct, the last stop in the lymphatic system, to gush into the subclavian vein, which is where it re enters the blood stream. At this point it is pure water re entering the blood stream.

So deep breathing is VERY effective and is easy and free.

Dry brushing is also good. Not free, but almost. Smile. Stroking with the flat side of fingers is also excellent. Just stroking works, but the energy that comes from the hands also moves the lymphatic system. So it can be even better than dry brushing in some situations.

The chi machine is also awesome. (
My favorites are the chi machine and rebounder. But these do cost some $.

Also, hot and cold showers. one minute on each cycle (seven times each). This cause intense circulation of blood and lymph. Incredibly healing. You can start with warm/cool and work up to hot and cold. You adjust rather quickly and it becomes quite pleasant. Makes you gasp or even yell, but it is invigorating and makes you feel more alive.

Also, taking steps to not eat foods that clog the lymphatic system is helpful. Salt slows the lymph, stress also does. Anything that is unnatural and, therefore, poison like will cause the blood capilaries to dialate and allow too much blood protein to leave the blood and move to the lymphatic system. Then they draw water and sodium to them and a whole cascade happens that causes you to lose energy and when it is a chronic condition it will eventually cause disease.

Moving the lymph is VERY important.
Signing off for the night


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