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Re: sigh - the second half... by shelleycat ..... Numerology Support Forum

Date:   12/19/2003 11:24:41 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Interesting! The numbers you chose coincide with what you say here.

The first number represents where you are now, the second is action taken or next stage, and third is result/last action.

3 means you are in a state of exploration, self-expression, just having fun being you and stating your truth. However, since it's followed by the 1, I feel that perhaps your version of the 3 for awhile was without direction, and needed refining. You wish to move into the 1 so that you can set goals, take action on your own behalf, to start anew and bring about positive change.

The change you wish to bring about is more of an inner change (7) not outer, altho outer will result once you've worked on the inner. Life is a constant sloughing away of what is "not us" so we can evolve and become more of who we really are. You've reached a stage in life where you realize better than before your own personal responsibility for your life, attitudes, thoughts, outcomes. It's time to take stock, re-evaluate your choices and most especially your assumptions.

To aid in this quest, if you can, visit a culture completely different than your own and really talk to the people there. It's one of the best ways to see how much of who we are is defined by invisible influences and simply taken for granted. One of the most enlightening things I ever did was to work across western Europe and get to know my co-workers, their opinions on things like alcohol, and see the major differences between each country even tho they lived within 8 hours of each other.

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