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Re: Bacterial overgrowth of small intestine-Protocol? by Andreas Moritz ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   11/9/2003 10:55:04 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Dear Chris,

I have answered a similar question just yesterday, so I adding the answer to this message. Apart form that, cleansing your liver (see The Amazing Liver Cleanse, is very necessary, for without removing the hundreds or thousands of stones form the bile ducts you digestion continues to be weak. This in turn, lead to extra waste from undigested food which requires the help of destructive bacteria to break it down. Rooting out bacteria is lost cause and is counterproductive, and it can lead to many unwanted side-effects. Again, bacteria are not the culprit here. Inadequate digesiton is.
"Killing bacteria or trying to get rid of them is not the approach to treat recurring infections. Destructive bacteria are part of every healthy organsism. Without them we could not survive. The live in our body and are natrually attracted to go to areas of damaged, weak, undernourished cells and accumulated metabolic waste products (due to digestive problems and/or dietary mistakes).

Killing all bacteria is impossible, if he you flooded every nuke and cranny of the body antibiotics. You would have to permanently live in a sterilized space ship forever. Our body has many times more bacteria than it has cells. Any known destrucitve bacteria can multiply to the billions in a matter of 48 hours. However, the growth of the friendly, useful bacteria in our gut that help us digest and assimlilate food and help to make such things as vitamins and proteins, gets heavily inhibited through the use of antibiotics. These cells get overpowered by yeast. The yeast thrives in a toxic tissue-damaged environment. The more often you use antibiotics the stronger the yeast population. The is a lot more information about this in my book The Key to Health and Rejuvenation,

The doctors prescibe antibiotics because that is all they have to prescribe for infections. An infection, however, is not a disease, it is the body's natural way to do away with the toxic waste deposits and the damaged cells. TO do this effeectively it engages the immune system, which, in turn can do its job of multiplying macrophages, B-cells, antibodies, etc. only by raising the body temperature. Fever is a natural way to combat the infection. The higher it is the stronger the immune response. The body does that to prevent the onset of cancer later in life (cancer results from suffocation of cells that consquequently get damaged and are forced to mutate). The repeated use of antibiotics is one of the leading causes of the current cancer epidemic in this country,a mong numerous other diseases. It also is one of most unscientific procedures applied by traditional medicine. It has killed scores of people and compartively saved a few, who could have been saved by natural means just as well.

Letting the body do its job is the only real way to escape the vicious cycle. You may need to find a doctor you uses natural, supportive measures (instead of drugs) that help the body succeed in its own efforts. Fever is the most ideal method to the toxicity crisis, and it can be kept at an acceptable level by simple means (described in the above book).

Using vitamins can severly affect the kidneys, especially in children. Please also see the section on vitamins in the above book. You can poison a child with vitamins. In addiiton, commercial vitamins have a meager absorption rate of 5 percent due to the binders they came with. The rest becomes waste. The 5 percent absorbed are not necessarily getting into the cells, for they are deprived of their life force. In this form, they are powerful acids that can damge the alkaline cells, which, in turn, requires destrive baceria to help break down the resulting cell debris.

Pau d' Arco is widely available, but not all brands are useful. You may ask the members of this forum about a good source.

Another very powerful immune-strenghting herb is The Indian Herb, abvailable on It also helps to clear damaged cell structures.

Lastly, don't try to treat this without making major alteration to her diet. During a toxicity crisis (healing phase) that includes fever, it is important to give her only fluids to drink, no food (see book). Otherwise, the body will have a hard time healing itself."

With kind regards


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