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Re: repetitive problem by richidoo ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   11/12/2003 4:16:37 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hi Zule,
I hope your father is doing better now. I can sympathise with your situation, I was in the same boat for years before I learned how life really works.

You are experiencing the same problems over and over again because your environment is always a mirror of what you are thinking. Since you are very focused on what is wrong with your environment, your friends, your apartment, your problems, you attract more and more of that. In order to change the pattern, you have to fix the cause. The cause is the constant thinking about your problems. Thinking about problems will not make them go away, so it is a waste of time anyway. I understand how it is hard not to dwell on your problems, especially when they seem so important, and when you are depressed. Depression will cause you to only see the problems of life, and ignore the good things that are happening. Unless you can divert some of the attention away from dwelling on your problems and focus instead on some of the good things that are going on, you will stay in the same mess. Thinking about positive things, things for which you can be very very grateful, will cause improved conditions to come into your life. It is as simple as that.

Life is not hard, or bad. It is not easy, or good either. It is what it is - simple an outpicturing of the way you think and feel on average. The force or power which causes you to live is a law which is always working, in every aspect of your life. The law of attraction affects everyone, and everything. All you have to do is learn how to take advantage of it, just like you take advantage of breathing to keep yourself alive. With some practice you will be able to sense when you are thinking thoughts which are not of the kind which will give you the life that you want, and you will be able to stop thinking them and switch to more positive thoughts. Once you can do this, most of your problems will just evaporate and new opportunities will come to you all the time.

It is important to know what you want so that you can tune your thoughts to them and start attracting that, instead of attracting the current life you don't want. Without knowing exactly what you want in life, it has no chance of happening, because your thoughts and feelings are what create your life.

Make a list of the things that you want. Paper and ink are cheap, so don't skimp. It may take you several weeks to write it all down. It may take a while to remember the things you have forgotten that you wanted whan you were a child. Some of the things you think you want now will change or disappear as you keep thinking of more and better things which make previous items obsolete. Example, you first think you want a boyfriend. Later you feel that you really want a committed relationship with a man that you love. So now a boyfriend is removed from the list. Like that. You cannot finish this process in 15 minutes. It will take at least several days for your mind to get into the process and get over its habit of thinking within the limits of your lousy outside reality. Once this happens you will reallt start having fun with this, and you will get very excited about all of the things you are imagining in your life.

The simple thing about this process is that if you were to keep doing it, everything on the list would become a reality in your outside life because of the persistance with which you keep thinking and feeling good about these things that you have listed. Keep adjusting and ading and subtracting from the list. Keep reading it everyday. Keep imagining yourself doing and having and being the things on your list. In this way you are forcing them to come to you.

To some people this sounds like a bunch of magical nonsense. Well, it is already working for you now. What you think about now is what is coming into your life. You are depressed and thinking everything is lousy, and that is what you are getting! Why not try making a change on the inside, instead of yet another outside change which in the past has proved to be wasted effort, because you always end up in the same situation. If you try it, it will work, it always works for everyone all the time. What you dwell on is what you see. Change your mind and change what you see.

Getting to bed earlier than 10pm everynight will help get rid of your depression, and make it easier to think good thoughts about yourself and your life. It is like the advice above, it seems like magic, but it really does work great, going to bed early solves many many problems, with health, money, friends and parents, and self confidence. It takes effort to go to bed at 9 in the beginning because you may be addicted to the TV, or nightime snacks or whatever. Once you start sleeping earlier, you will really start to look forward to it, as it starts to heal your whole world. If you want to learn more about why this works, read Ben Franklin, and Andreas' book Key to Health and Rejuvenation. Don't watch any TV, just go for long walks by yourself instead - day or night doesn't matter.

Learn to eat a diet which is healthy for your body to support your new positive outlook on life. Try to eat REAL foods, whatever that means to you. For me it means fresh meats cooked at home, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, butter and olive oil, stuff like that. Fresh homemade food that is real. If it comes in plastic wrap and colorful box it is no good. Read about natural diets at the library. Spend your free time away from your roommate problems so that she does not hold you in the depression she is in. Get out and be your own woman, learn to love yourself again, like you did when you were a small child. That small child you loved is still in there, waiting for you to notice her again.

Anything that makes you feel bad, get it out of your life by putting the better replacement on your list of desires. Do not attack or dwell on the bad things as problems because you are thinking about them with fear or digust and so they will stay. As you start working with your list, you will notice opportunities coming to you which allow you to improve your life in small steps at first. This is where you must act by accepting the opportunities and thanking yourself for creating them with you list. YOU created the new chance and you deserve the credit.

If you have somewhere that you can live where the people love you, go there. Live with your parents if you can, and pay them rent until your new habits of early bed, and writing lists of what you really want start to make you very rich, and you can move into your own beautiful house.

Be grateful for what you have and you will recieve more and more. Be critical and disappointed with what you have and that which you have will be taken away. By whom? By yourself, of course, because what you think and how you feel about it is what you get.

Here are some links below which you can read to get you going in the right direction NOW!

With Love,


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