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Issue 17: The power of ”Qigong” in the treatment of Cancer (Issue 17) by UserX ..... Newsletters: Educating Instead of Medicating

Date:   6/28/2002 6:59:18 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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"Educating Instead of Medicating!"
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The power of "Qigong" in the treatment of Cancer
Published in Shanghai Daily ( Date: 06/03/99 )

Shanghai Daily: Club Helps Cancer Patients Ease Pains

Though many doctors doubt the power of "Qigong" regarding its alleged healing effects in the treatment of cancer, Ju Benyi, one of the first students of Guo Ling, founder of the Guo Ling Sect, insisted, "without Guo Ling New Qigong, I would have died in 1972."

Ju, a Korean born in Beijing, found herself a patient of breast
cancer in its advanced stages, with cancer cells spreading all over
her body when she was just 25 years old in 1972.

"Doctors told me I was untreatable when Guo, a cancer patient
herself, offered to teach me Qigong-through which I survived," said

The CA Rehabilitation Club, presently located at Yanggao Middle Road,
invited her as a Qigong teacher to a meeting of cancer patients who
have been attracted by the holistic anti-cancer therapy advocated by
the club.

"Qigong not only regulates and calms your breathing, it enables your
weak body to move, and also gives patients much-needed human
interaction and the psychological therapy of talking to fellow-
patients thereby easing the mind," she said.

From her own experience, she found the miserable atmosphere of
hospital both depressing and a hindrance to recovery.

"Patients here learn to smile first,
they start to be treated as individuals again,
not as patients but as normal people"

"Qigong helps to draw your mind away from the illness." "The more you
practice, the better your mood will be. Worry and anxiety can prove
deadly to patients," she said.

Ju has stopped taking medicine and has not had surgery at all since
beginning to practice Qigong. Yuan Zhengping, director of the club
kidded that he "has peacefully co-existed with lymph cancer for 20
years," but has also received five-years of chemotherapy and
radiotherapy while practicing Qigong.

"We advocate comprehensive treatment," said Yuan. "However, in my
opinion, our hospitals are currently lacking in prevention methods
and alternative medicines which should be used to speed up or
strengthen the effects of standard medical treatments. A more
holistic approach to treatment can prove effective in the recovery
stage of the disease-our experience has proved this to us."

The club conducted a survey in 1997 and found that 48 per cent of
3,173 patients who had registered with the club have had a survival
period of over five years.

Social Studies students from universities such as East China
University of Science and Technology (ECUOST) have been interested by
the success the center has been claiming and have been charting
significant achievements in the history of the center since its
establishment in 1989.

Some patients are fervent believers in Qigong-and some are not:
everyone who comes here learns to smile, and to reenter a society
they have felt alienated from in their illness.

They are encouraged to get involved with life again,
to travel and to get well.


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