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30ish female no longer have gall bladder pain or eczema; life is good!! by chrissy11 ..... Liver Flush Evidence: Documenting Liver Flush

Date:   1/10/2005 3:12:48 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I am not one who suffered from any "incurables", I simply had eczema and gall bladder pain for about a year before stumbling across curezone. I am 30ish and suffered from occasional bouts of eczema and gall bladder pain. Medications did not help my eczema and the only option my medical doctor gave me for my gall pain was diet change (eliminate fat) and/or surgery. After 5 flushes, I think I'm almost stone free. But that is secondary to the many external benefits I feel from cleaning up my diet (eliminating sugar, reducing white flour, eliminating all pharmaceuticals, drinking more water) and doing liver flushes. My skin looks better than it has since I was a teenager. The dark circles under my eyes are completely gone. The only time I ever get eczema anymore is if I get drunk. I haven't had gall bladder pain since my first liver flush, yet I eat fat regularly.

I also no longer get the kind of hunger I remember from my past. That "hunger" felt more like addiction. I could not keep myself from eating no matter how strong my will. Today, even if I'm hungry, I'm just hungry. I'm not dying for food. I can be hungry and still skip the birthday cake in my office. I no longer get hunger headaches. I simply feel stomach hunger, no other side effects. I never realized this is how hunger should feel! I used to feel tortured whenever I was hungry--headachy, anxious, and out of control. Today I can feel hungry and still function normally. Sometimes, hunger even feels liberating!

My mind is clearer and quicker than it's been in several years. In fact, I can't recall when I've felt this good, not since I was a child at least.

I am excited to learn more about my body and how I can improve its function and keep myself vibrant and active through old age (a long way off). Until curezone, I never realized how important my liver was to my whole body's wellbeing. These days, my liver and I are best friends. I treat him well and he takes very good care of me. If I could buy him a gift to thank him for all he does for me, I would do so.

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