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Re: help for gardnerella!!! by critterkids ..... Gynecological Problems Forum

Date:   5/30/2006 7:29:17 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Not to scare you, but I have been dealing with this stuff for years, but am finally making some headway to getting better. After years and years and doctor after doctor and tons of money, I finally found a naturopathic doctor that told me it all starts in your gut - and he was right. If you balance your gut and gut flora, then your immune system comes back and then the rest of the body gets into balance (although this takes time). For the short term you might ask your regular doctor for a long course (months worth) of cleocin vag cream. Or you could try a long term course of boric acid vaginal suppositories, again from a regular doctor, or possibly over the counter. In the meantime get to work big time on your digestive system. Yes, take probiotics and prebiotics. The one that worked for me is Theralac / as it has prebiotics included in it. They tell you to take it for a week each day and then twice a week. I took it once a day for three months and still going, but it works. I also have taken months worth of Oxypowder / Oxypowder .com">http://www. Oxypowder .com as a great colon cleanser plus it is a great cell oxygenator, which is healing. I have done colonics with ozonated water. I drink ozonated water. I take lots of trace minerals, extra magnesium and eat as much raw fruits and veggie foods as possible. I have read tons of books, such as the book by Andreas Moritz , plus read these forums to find healing methods and ideas and they work. I don't have a perfect diet, but all of this stuff is still helping and working. I have done The Master Cleanse which is the lemonade cleanse and I have done two liver flushes, with many many more to go. I have been doing these things for about four months and within two months turned the corner to relief. I have no idea if any of this stuff will help you, but it may. I too wanted an instant cure, but never found one. My itch and irritation would subside a little and kept on coming back until I made radical lifestyle changes. I was ready to commit hari kari and was totally at my wits end, so I went wild on making lots of changes quickly and I am thankful I did. The number of doctors that I saw and the amount of money I have spent to finally find someone to help me and get to the root of the problem was staggering!

All the very best to you and I hope you find relief soon!

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