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eating raw meat by rygar ..... Raw Food: The Raw Omnivore Diet

Date:   6/4/2006 9:03:00 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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i was eating rare/raw meats for like two years and though they weren't completly raw most of the time, they were rare enough! i merely seared them on both sides of a few seconds (blue rare) i never read enough in the beggining to learn enough about how it really works,but i read enough just to get started and i went straight into eating rare/raw meats..and i did this for like 2 years! i have only recently been concerned about parasites and worms,though i am still very curious of how the primal diet really works and i admit i still don't understand it as thouogh as i should.
bacteria in ground beef? i am not sure about that because ALL meats have bacteria in them in the first place, not just ground beef.Also, i read that 'bolting' meats (taking small bites and swallowing them whole) gets it down faster,digests easier and is better for the digestive system (so i have read)
i am really curious of going completly raw,though i am not sure if i have the courage to do so just yet..i am still worried about bugs and parasites, i ate rare meats again for the last week and i had such a horrible time
i don't know, once i read his book that i just ordered- maybe i'll have a little more confidence..who knows.
How do you feel since you started the primal diet? in terms of moods and feelings?
the meats i ate the last week were not organic and i am curious if that had anything to do with it? i felt soo sggressive and enraged the entire time...

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