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Date:   8/31/2006 12:55:32 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi, the following post came to mind when I read your question, read through it - but definitely go to the post at the end as well for some truly enlightening information.

Here's and excerpt:

"Now you take a real skinny 'ol guy, and he is so skinny, he’d eat you out of house and home, and he's still skinny. There’s no way on earth you can put weight on him. He's suffering from the same thing, he's got so much mucus attached in there. This mucus is selective. On some people, it only lets Sugar go through, and on some people, only protein. On this guy, it only lets protein go through or maybe a few minerals, but mostly, just proteins. All he can assimilate is protein. He can’t assimilate any of the vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates. He's starved to death. You say, "My God, he's got a tape worm. It’s bad enough to have one kid to feed, but to have one kid with three tape worms is an impossible grocery bill."
But it coud be the mucus, because you’ve fed him milk all of his life, and cottage cheese. Now cottage cheese and milk is so good, such a good mucus builder that you can just kill yourself with it. And Metracal is anther one, and all these things that you're trying to reduce with. You eat more and more Metrecal, and this type of junk, and this wipes you out. You can't absorb any food. So that's OK, you just go around starving for the rest of your life. And then people expect you to function good at work. Your husband expects you to feel good all the time and you can't. It’s impossible for you to starve to death and feel good. The boss expects you to perform, and you can't do it. The teacher expects you to perform at school, and you can't do it...because you're starved to death. Basically, we're just starved to death. There's great malnutrition in our nation, just unbelievable. It's from many causes, but this is one."

And here is a link to Ohfor07's post:


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