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Re: What are these? by lorim ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/4/2006 1:25:16 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Mineral salt and vitamin C have lessened some of the effects of this infestation. I.E. cleared scalp problems of crawling sensation under scalp, redness, itchiness, and sores. It also minimizes “shaken Sugar packet” sound in skull.

Using mayonnaise on the skin removes some of the “slugs” and thus slightly reduces crawling sensations and pain for a short while.

I have seen two photos of this critter on the Internet, both times unidentified. However, I saw the photos before I knew that I had that particular pest, so I didn’t save them. The photos of the “slugs” that I saw on the Internet tell me, at least, I’m not the only person that has them.

These “slugs” permeate my entire body including muscles and organs. When I began taking the salt and C, I passed several of the things, that were more round in shape, after having severe pain, seemingly cyclically, in each organ. And, of course, the skin is our largest organ.

Bathing in salt is helpful. I do feel a bit better after soaking in salt.

I sought “medical treatment” two years ago. After conveying a few symptoms, I was abruptly told that what I described does not exist in No. America. She refused to examine me. She referred me to a psychologist that is 250 miles away. And, the diagnosis I was given was D.O.P (Delusions Of Parasites). I didn’t have the photos of the “slugs” at the time but I doubt she would have looked at them or if she did look, she probably would have given the “Mike” explanation or equivalent. It couldn’t exist; therefore it doesn’t, so the patient is crazy.

I’m seriously thinking of increasing my salt intake to 3 tsp. per day instead of 1. And, I just ordered some Quinine. I will take the dosage used for Malaria. I’m on my own.

Thank you shroom for your courage to see the truth of this malady and not shrinking into denial, as it seems most others are doing. Also, you mentioned analysis. Can you tell me the best way to get these things analyzed?


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