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Within the first 90 days I had and have 100% pain free periods. Within the first year I lost 45 pounds by sweetorganic ..... Fibroids & Myoma Support Forum

Date:   9/6/2006 2:45:50 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello Everyone,
I have come to this forum many times over the past few years, searching for additional information about how to heal the fibroids inside my uterus. But most of the post I have read are from other women looking for answers. So, I purpose we band together to find our own healing solutions. If you have any information about healing fibroid naturally or you have experience any form of healing or total healing from fibroids please share your experiences. O.K. I will start first.

I use to have very painful periods, I would say the fibroids felt like they were on fire during my menstrual cycle. So about a year and half ago I stop eating all food that had any preservative, artificial color, artificial flavor, corn syrup, White Sugar , white flour, any chemicals. I only eat natural and organic foods from my local health food store and Whole Foods. Within the first 90 days I had and have 100% pain free periods. Within the first year I lost 45 pounds and I was not expecting any weight lost, as I did not give up dairy, meat or sweets. I stopped again prematurely and now look younger.

My next healing goals are to:

Exercising everyday - body fat stores estrogen and estrogen feed fibroids. So I will do cardio to burn fat, lift weights or pilates.

Change to a vegan (half raw & cooked) high fiber diet - fiber absorbs estrogen and eliminate it through bowel movement.

Fasting 1 day a week and do a 10 day Water Fast every 90 days - fasting has been known to rid the body of fibroids.

Fibroid have or is in cased in fibrin. Onions, garlic, bromelains (pineapple enzymes), capsicum (Cayenne pepper) break down fibrin in blood so it may do the same for fibrin in fibroid. (not sure)

We have to find ways to starve fibroids.

I also study from Louise Hay book You Can Heal Your Life.

One more thing, everyday at 12:00 pm I am going to pray and/or send positive affirmation out for all women with fibroid to receive a divine healing, if you would like to join me, please do so at 12:00 pm in your time zone. Please tell everyone you know about the 12:00pm divine healing hour from fibroids and about this thread. I will check-in about once a month, if this forum picks up I will post more often.

Thanks so much

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