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Re: Words of comfort(?), advice(?) -Blah by esme90 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/6/2006 7:37:53 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I find myself giving up and coming back to it. Try the neem, it really has got me to the point where I think I can crack this. Stop using Wormwood et al for a while. I got *told off* by Humaworm (just joking, hi Grandma) for wanting to use that after using Nature's Answer for 3 weeks. She says you need to take a 90 day break inbetween courses in case any adults survived, and developed an immunity to the herbs. According to her, they die off after 3 months, and you can kill off the newborn. I'll try it her way and see. I know that critters have been developing immunity to over-use of praziquantl and albendazole.

Neem apparently has lots of different agents in its make-up, so it might be harder for the critters to develop an immunity. You need to take enough of it though, see the die -off. I bathed with the soap, rubbed the lotion into my skin (and got loads of critters out that way - maybe it was dead skin, but there was masses everyday for a week. Now there's barely any. The lotion that I was using was Theraneem. I mention this in that it's not pure neem oil, and has other things in it, which may have helped, because it STUNG! After a while I got to enjoy the cooling sensation, but then after my skin cleared up, it doesn't feel cooling anymore, so I think that may have been parasite related. I also took the leaf in capsules.

There are days when I buy into Morgellon theories, and days when I revert to an Asian parasite theory. With veggies, and "foreigners" (I am one) flying all over the world, it's no wonder critters come with us. The photos on the websites are generally taken with a microscope. They don't look anything like the real thing, because to take a photo with a light microscope, you need to stain the critter, sometimes slice it, so you get the insides, and shine a light through it so that the insides show. Since when do we have lights at the bottom of our toilets? Well, maybe Elton John does. ;-)

If you want to continue on the medical route, then you could try doing a liver flush, and see if you can flush some of these critters out to take to a doctor. It sounds like you haven't had a stool test yet? Mine came out negative, but I think that's because I was in the wrong phase of the parasite's life cycle. When I saw one the other day in the loo, I desperately wished for a sample cannister with a scoop. It all got a bit messy, and I ended up having to wash the whole bathroom with bleach.

Yes, there are bum doctors. But there are also good doctors. We just hear about the bum stories, because, well, that's otherwise we wouldn't end up checking out curezone.

Okay, last couple of things - make sure you're getting enough iron (which can make you constipated but is essential to your energy levels). If you just find soemthing that makes a difference, you'll wnat to carry on the fight.

Anyway, you're right about that busy schedule - have to be up early tomorrow, so am now going to bed.

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