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shark-eating bird-fish by keason ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   9/13/2006 7:01:29 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Everyone!
I'm totally at a loss for understanding the meaning of a recent dream and would love to get some input:

I was watching an ENORMOUS bird fly above me, then saw it suddenly pull its wings in close to its body and do a nose-dive. I saw it heading for one of five huge "tanks" of water- they were huge, the size of lakes, really, but from my position I could see into them like tanks at SeaWorld- and I could see that the bird was headed straight for the only tank that contained a shark.

When the bird hit the water, it went straight under, then opened its wings and used them as fins to propel itself under water. At first I was amazed at this new creature that I had never seen before, which could breathe air and water, but then I started to run toward the tank in a panic over the fact that the shark was headed toward the creature. The knowledge was suddenly in my head that this shark was MEAN-known for being cranky and biting even the creatures that it did not intend to eat.

As I approached the tank, I saw the shark come up behind the 'bird-fish', open its mouth, and attempt to take a bit from the body of the bird-fish, but at the last second the bird-fish propelled its huge strong 'wing-fins' and got away. In a split second, it swam back around behind the shark, opened it's mouth and took the shark in up to it's midsection. I briefly saw the eyes of the shark as it registered the fact that it was being eaten, and I felt sorry for it for just a second before the bird-fish swallowed it whole.

Just then I saw a smaller version of the bird-fish, which had been perched on the edge of the tank, jump in the water and swim up next to the larger bird-fish, which I took to be the parent.


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