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Re: Which water filter is best? by inspiraller ..... Water Filters & Distillers

Date:   10/6/2006 3:56:54 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi, thanks for your reply

I agree, the distilled water is the most thorough eliminator of toxins, however there are problems I have found with this method.

1) PROBLEM: There is evidence to suggest that it doesn't remove VOCS - ie volatile organice compounds. I suppose it makes sense when you think that if the water contains some volatile organic compounds, you most certainly wouldn't want to heat them up, otherwise they would release into the room that your distilling. A bit like heating up oil, you get toxic fumes, and horrible smell, not to mention toxic side affects. Either way it appears from what I have read that a lot of distillers release them into a gas, and back into the water that your about to drink. From my research it appears that it is important to remove the VOCS first with a carbon filter.
SOLUTION: So as long as the water is first filtered with a carbon filter to remove these vocs then this is so far the best method.

2) PROBLEM: The second problem is that the water is acidic to the body, so will need to be remineralized, alkalised, restructured etc othewise it will pick up lots of good minerals from your body and excrete them in your urine.

NEAR SOLUTION: This can be done by adding salt. So in the book - 'your many cries for water' it is very important to add 1/2 teaspoon of good quality salt to 2.5 litres of this water. No doubt you will get that in your food. So that doesn't really pose a problem. But note that - even in dr Hulda Clark es book - she claims that even salt carries mold, and leaving water to sit around will soon accumulate bacteria. This is a problem with distilled water since after being distilled it sits there waitint to be drunk - not totally practical.

NEAR SOLUTION: I suppose you could then ozonate the water before drinking to kill any growing bacteria, or add neem, garlic, Black-Walnut , citricidal / grapefruit seed extract.

NEAR SOLUTION: You could then put the water through another filter, perhaps a silver activated carbon filter, and even ionize the water with a water ionizer, but note, the water would definately need to be remineralised for the Water Ionizer to be able to re-alkalise.

CONSIDERATIONS: I'm all for keeping things natural, because we have more evidence of what works from history of naturapathic methods. Any new method of solving a problem we have to realise that comes with a new set of side affects or problems. So I'm not sold on the idea of ionizing or ozonating. However, distilling occurs in nature, so I am mostly for this method. Its just that its a lot of work to get the best water.

So far here is the most thorough method I have found for making the most cleanest water:
1) carbon filter, as micron small as possible (the smallest being reverse osmosis, but wastes too much water, so next up is 0.01 micron filter, currently selling with jupiter water ionizers and the kyk harmony amongst others. Im researching currently where to buy it in the uk, but struggling right now, it seems the manufacturer claims its not needed for british water. I disagree, besides I might want to carry it on my travels.)
2) distill
3) remineralize with salt, and or other herbs, etc
4) maybe put lemon juice in it, this would help keep bacteria from growing in it while its sitting. And though acidic on the ph, it will actually be alkalising through the body.
personaly i'd like to pour this water down a stream of untainted, unpolluted volcanic rock to pick up all the natural minerals.

Please note, im not a nutritionist, or qualified doctor, but purely a research enthusiast, so all of this information is a collective opinion of everything that I have read.

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