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I'm almost speechless by mycatRa ..... Synchronicities: Coincidences

Date:   10/27/2006 11:14:00 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I almost don't know what to say. Your story gives me chills, yet at the same time it brings this strong sense of comfort and well being. It's beautiful. (Although I'm sure it didn't feel like it at them time) Oh my gosh, I have so many different feelings and images running though my head I'm not sure which ones to express.

1) I also feel like OP has made me open up to the more spiritual things in life. I've been searching for a pathway to spirituality for sometime now and I feel more comfortable with it now more than ever.

2) The journey you spoke of reminds me very much of a man that I met in Wisconsin. (Where I'm originally from) His name is Arthur Douet. He is a visionary artist and an amazing person. You should look at some of his work. I feel pretty strongly like it would help you raise your energy to transcend back to the edge of heaven (if you would like to visit it again with out all the pain)

I've had a few coincidences in my life occur with this man. That have really changed my way of seeing the spirit world. About 4 years ago I moved to Austin, TX where he happens to live. (I did not know this and feel there is some connection)

3) There were some replies about your cleansing opening your body up to be receptive to other issues it needs to confront. I think that is very profound and brings so many answers to what is happening right now.

Wow.. My mind is racing and I can't seem to formulate anything that makes much sense. I plan to revisit your story and I'll be sure to fill you in if I can put anything together. I admire your strength to have made it though such and ordeal and find your experience to be very inspiring.

I hope you could make some sense out of my mumbo jumbo. What a happy coincidence to meet you!

Thank You Rudenski!


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