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Re: I got diagnosed..... by rachel--24 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/30/2006 1:12:35 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I have multiple food/chemical sensitivities....I sometimes react to just about evrything...other times I'm better. I believe it has to do with how toxic I am and how well (or not so well) my body is detoxing. I never tested positive for any food allergies or intolerances (except gluten). I read that alot of times people *think* they're reacting to a food when in reality its chemicals they're reacting to. Some chemicals are natural occurring (i.e. sulfur, glutamate, salicylates, histamine).

I figured out that I'm reacting to the natural occurring chemicals...sulfur and salicylates are the two I was most certain of....its really hard to figure out though. Anyways, the more I eat these foods the worse I feel and the more I react to perfumes and other air-borne chemicals.

After my diagnosis my Dr. sent me to get more testing (Bioset)....its some new technology type of testing...similar to NAET. I was really sceptikal at first but my Dr. really likes this type of test for getting a more complete picture of all thats going on. He didnt want to just start going after the Lyme w/out knowing what other problems I might have too. Obviously having candida.... Antibiotics is not the route we will take for Lyme treatment.

The test somehow nailed all of my problem areas. I dont know how it works but it just pinpointed everything I already knew to be a problem and then a whole bunch more that I hadnt been aware of.

The test detected a problem with immune system is reacting to it and its not being processed as it in efect its creating an even more toxic environment when I eat foods high in sulfur. Examples are garlic, eggs, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, etc.

I used to eat tons of garlic back when I was on the candida diet and for awhile I just convinced myself that I felt bad because of die-off. After a few months I gave up on the diet and started searching for what was really going on.

For different reasons my body isnt processing certain chemicals...everything needs to be in proper working order for detoxing and for recovery. My immune system is in a very reactive state when I cant detox and I'll start reacting to *everything*.

I react to salicylates as well....this chemical is found mainly in veggies and fruit...especially dried fruit and nearly all herbs and spices. I'm not sure if this is why I didnt do well with all the natural antifungals and herbal remedies but again...I thought it was die-off. I was only 94 lbs. back then.

Once I cut out ALL supplements I gained 15 lbs. back and now look perfectly healthy. I tried going back on enzymes again, felt bad and lost 10 lbs. within a week. I trust my instincts and listen to my body and I'm doing much better w/out taking anything.

The Bioset testing confirmed that I react to vitamins and everything else I will need for recovery. Magnesium, calcium, b-vitamins, Vit C, etc. If my body is not able to process them ....they are toxic to me.

I've started going to treatments so that they can "de-sensitize" these things because I need to be able to take them in order to boost my immune system for chelation and for fighting the Lyme. Its kind of like my immune system is "switched on" to react to all of these things. They use electromagnetic fields and accupressure to "reset" my immune system to not react to everything.

The sulfur pathway is a main detox pathway....if I'm not processing sulfur...I'm not detoxing. I also have another detox pathway that is not functioning properly (methionine pathway). Heavy metal chelators contain sulfur compounds....sulfur binds with the mercury to pull it out of the tissue and excrete it. If I'm reacting to sulfur and my detox pathways are not working....the mercury will not be excreted and instead it could end up being redistributed through my body. Not Good. Thats why I cant be having a problem with sulfur or either of these pathways if I'm going to start chelation. This is why alot of people get sick taking chelators...they are not able to excrete the mercury and it "backfires".

The organs have to be able to handle the load and be able to detox.


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