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Why Cross-posting ?? by Webmaster ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   11/6/2006 1:44:28 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Some of you asked:

Why do we allow Cross-posting ?? Is there any good reason? Any advantage?

I am sure that anyone of you could come to at least 3 good reasons.

I will help you a little:

CureZone Forums are partitioned into too many categories. Over 800 separate forums. Majority of forums are invisible due to having very few new messages. It is just about 100 the most popular forums that are stealing 99% of all attention.

This results in a large number of unanswered questions. If a question is posted into a low volume forum, it risks being forgotten, unanswered.

Simple, Common Example:

User A enters Eczema forum and asks a question.
User A enters Ask CureZone and asks the same question.
User A enters Acne forum and asks the same question.

After 3 days, only one of the 3 identical questions is answered. Other questions are forgotten.

User B enters Eczema forum and reads the same question. Finds no answers. Moves on, leaving curezone, believing that nobody knows the answer.

Is it really true that nobody knows the answer, or is it just bad luck he/she found one out of 3, but unanswered question?

Now, imagine a different picture.

User A enters Eczema forum and asks a question, but while asking, selects 2 other forums where the same question will appear.

That is it. User A feels no need to ask the same question again in another forum, 3 forums + Mosaic are more then enough. (This saves CureZone resources. We need to save a single message, instaed of saving 3 times that much.)

User B, interested in this question, enters any one of 3 different forums, and finds all answers, regardless of the origin of those answers. (some people answering came from forum1, other came from forum2, other from forum3 )

All answers are visible across all 3 forums. User B is happy and decides to stay on CureZone and read more.

This is just an example where allowing the same thread to appear in more then a single forum could possibly help people who, by chance, read only one single forum, and are not aware of the fact that the same question have been asked in some other forum.

Yes, there are obvious disadvantages of this option:
- there is a possibility for abuse. Some people will select any forum, without thinking. Some people have selected totally unrelated forums.

But, the real question is:

Are the advantages more important then the disadvantages?

That is the question!

We have never had any option on curezone accepted by everybody. The question was always:

Are the advantages more important then the disadvantages?


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