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Re: Don't Forget to Vote Today! :) by boldyloxx ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   11/12/2006 11:10:34 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi White Tiger

my 2 cents worth is that there is the World's version of Christianity-- the Church of Rome or man made Evanegelical or Protestant versions.

THEN-- there is genuine non-religion, non organizational Christianity- where a person quietly accepts Jesus in their heart and begins to grow spiritually from that point on. These people do not try to convert others- or proseltyze. They will speak to others if the Holy Spirit in them so leads them-otherwise, you wont find them on any soapbox.

They learn what it means to die to the self-life without having to join a monastary. They are scattered all throughout the World and may not belong to any specific church and they dont' call attention to themselves.

The good these people do is through the Holy Spirit working in them as channels- and not through their own human goodness and social efforts. Often, these people are so unaware of themselves, as they love God so much-- that they are a blessing to those around them without them even being aware of it.

These type of Christians are also unpopular as well-- because most of the World --including the Christian World--feels a friction against God's Spirit (which is why many churches give lame sermons. If the pastor taught the people what God REALLY wanted him to tell them, most would walk out in the middle of the sermon.). Anyone who is full of God will rub the majority the wrong way- and these real Christians find themselves disliked for no apparant reason. Just as the Pharisees hated Jesus, The soul of one who is a genuine Christian often clashes with the souls of the religous arrogant in each era. This is evident in our jobs, in school-- in every walk of life.


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