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Re: h2o2 by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   11/30/2006 5:16:34 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi askingandknocking,

This is from the site :

The Oxygen connection!!

Hi Ya'll,

Oxygen is an oxidizer, which means it may neutralize the Acids in the body!

Oxygen is a "MUST" for the body to be able to live!

What happens when you put a clothes pin on your nose and tape your mouth closed so that you can not Breath any Oxygen into your body?

How long may you stay alive?

So, Oxygen is very important for the body in more than one way!

What does it mean for a mineral to be an Alkaline Mineral?

Is it possible that for a Mineral to be considered an Alkaline Mineral that it may be attracted to carry extra "OXYGEN" in it's complexes?

What is an Acid?

Is it possible that for something to be an Acid, that it must carry extra Hydrogen and less Oxygen?

So, when the body is too Acidic, how do you overcome this problem?

Is it possible that this problem of the body having too many Acids, that this may allow the joints of the body to develop many problems of swelling and arthritis and redness of the joints and all the other problems which come along with this problem?

So , just how do you get rid of all these problems from the body being too Acidic which may cause a shortage of "OXYGEN" ?

Maybe it may work Best "IF" one may figure out what they may be doing which has been causing them to become too Acidic in the first place?

"IF" a person may find this out , then maybe "IF" they would first "STOP" doing those things which may be causing this problem in the first place, that they may have a chance to correct the problem, "IF" they may know what they may need to do to supply the body what it may need to gain back their supply of Oxygen?

So, now we are back to square one on the playing board!

Once you have learned what may be causing your problems in the first place and have "STOPPED" doing or eating these things which may be causing you problems, then you may be ready for the next step?

What is the next step?

The next step is to learn how to allow the body to get rid of these excess Toxins and excess Acids, without "KILLING" yourself!

Since Alkaline Minerals may allow the body to carry Extra Oxygen, then you may want to take extra Alkaline minerals so that your body may accomplish two different things at the same time?

By taking the needed Alkaline Minerals which your body may need, these may also help to neutralize some of the excess Acids as well as allow the body to carry extra Oxygen!

The chief of these Alkaline Minerals which the body may need most by weight and volumne, may be Calcium!

Calcium may easily form Calcium carbonate which is a combination of Carbon (which acts as a Buffer) and Oxygen, which you need to stay alive!

Now, the problem of how do you Help the body to get rid of these excess Toxins and excess Acids, which may build up in the joints and muscles of your body and cause swelling and much pain?

Magnesium may be required in order for the body to be able to Detoxify these Toxins and excess Acids from the Lymphatic system and other parts of the body!

So, what may be the most cost effective way to do this job of removing these Toxins and excess Acids from your body?

It may be called Hydrotherapy, and "IF" you understand how to do it correctly, then you may use this to Greatly Help your body to recover much more rapidly!

The 3% Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders used with Hydro-therapy, when applied over the skin of the body to help neutralize excess body Acids!

"IF" you look at the problem from a view point of where do you get the most surface area to work with, then you may see that by using the Hydrogen Peroxide all over your body on your skin may provide you with the Largest contact to surface area, and thus may provide you with the Greatest Bang for the Buck, in the shortest time, may we say!

Smile Tis your choice.


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