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I got pretty rough eczema help me? by Chillin_Dude427 ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   11/20/2005 1:20:24 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hey how's it going.

My names isaac I'm just about to turn 18 and anyway I'v had eczema my whole life when I was really young it was terrible when I was younger mainly on the folds between my forearm and bicep but lemmie tell ya what's up.

I know alot of things that anoy my eczema like sugary foods and liqour and all this stuff so I'm on a candida diet right now just cause it works for me and makes me feel good although I hate the diet cause well it's tough when you go out with friends and have to lie and say you already ate cause you're in fear of eating something with junk in its.

Anyway my eczema was pretty much ok just in between my forearm folds very lightly but and on my ears a bit but I was treatin it with over the counter Cortizone cream (Junk I know) then I got sick and took a Antibiotic which I usually don't take them but I had a really bad flu
Anyway I regret taking it my arms got hives on them after taking it so I went off it after 2 days then my eczema got a bit bad on my arms but not horrible.

So the eczema had spread a bit on me and I read some information on candida so I thought I had figured out wheat it was so I ordered a anti candida kit which jacked my skin up something horrible.
I took Bentonite Caproil and psyllium husk and a DDS Probiotic.
Anyway I did it for like 2 weeks and my skin just got worse and worse and worse untill it broke out ALL OVER MY ARMS bad eczema then on my neck where it use to be and on my eye lids where it use to be and on my ears pretty rough.
So anyway I went off the stuff and went to vermont to visit my sister and ate a bunch of rough food tons of bad stuff candys and just really bad food that bothers me I even ate ice cream which I have a dairy allergy cow and goat so I stay away from everything except eggs which don't bother me.
anyway when I got back from vermont I went back on my diet and the candida stuff the caproil and all that junk and it got worse and worse so now I'm currently off all that junk and just using joboba on my skin after showers and I Did use cortizone 1% on my neck and ears cause it was really embarssing and if I stay on my diet I can get off the cortizone and the eczema wont come back on those spots unless I irritate it.
Anyway right now my eczema is on the lowers parts of my arms (Forearms and folds) It's pretty werid not bleedy just like a rough sandpaper rash of grose skin and it itches every once in awile I also have it on my eye lids and on my ears and my neck and my right hand eczema has ALWAYS been worse on the RIGHT side of my body if that helps anything.

I'v just started a parasite cleanse and I feel good like I'v never felt unhealthy I have energy I never have gas or stomich aches or headaches or anything just my skin is a wreck since I started my anti candida diet my zits are ALL GONE my face is clearest it's been since I turned 13 and got acne.
So that's nice but my arms are hidious I don't even go out with people anymore cause they comment "What's wrong with your neck or your hand" I'm just depressed.

So my gameplan was a parasite cleanse and a series of Liver Cleanses what do you think?
Cause I'm in the dark here hopefully somone can help me out I just wanna get this cured I don't mind eating healthy my whole life I'v learned to not even have Sugar cravings or want grose processed foods I just wanna have somewhat clear arms or skin and not have to worry about it all the time.
Somebodys gotta be able to help.

-Deepy depressed Isaac

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