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Re: I got pretty rough eczema help me? by aunty ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   11/22/2005 11:26:30 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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To take a bit of advice from your name, Chill!!! Your excitement, energy, and enthusiasm jumps out of the words in your posts. This is why I mentioned the need for you to maintain a balance and not overwhelm your body in your efforts to do good to it. Evaluate the cleanse that you're currently incorporating (the parasite cleanse) without any other interference. After you've finished that cleanse and made an evaluation of what took place in or with your body, then you can focus on the next or necessary need. If you feel that after that evaluation, you need to additionally supplement with acidophilus then you can begin that process. Just focus on the parasite cleanse first since this is where you now are. I would feel a lot more comfortable if you were working with a Nutritionist in this process. Are your parents working with you in this process?

Instead of running towards a multitude of different supplements, focus your attention on acquainting yourself with the foods that contain those essential nutrients. The temptation that comes with supplementation through pills and other items besides whole food consumption is that the healthy Diet is neglected in the process. People tend to think that because they're supplementing with pills, herbs, etc that they can then become lax in healthy eating.

One means of producing a stressful environment is clutter and disorganization that leads to an overwhelming feeling. I get that sense of overwhelming when I read your posts. You have accumulated so much information and knowledge so rapidly, it almost feels as if you're trying to implement all that you have learned in one shot. The body needs you to pace yourself, slow down, and chill.

Yes, it would be a good idea to switch to fluoride free toothpaste. Burt's Bees has a brand of fluoride free toothpaste.

It's exciting that you are excited about becoming proactive in your health. I'm just hoping that you don't overwhelm your body in the process.

Regarding identifying your external allergen/irritant culprits, a good place to start is with your water. You say that you drink from a pur water filter. Is your shower water filtered as well?



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