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Re: To Shroom (again) by adelap ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/4/2007 1:24:38 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hey thanks alot Shroom i think you might be right here, i just wanna say that i am male, so can you explain to me what test exactly i have to use, i also think this is not candida in nerves. Because when i took Methylprednisolone it was sudden the symptoms suddenly apeared and my whole body web ticking tingling, i also have candida on tongue and strage stools reacently but it could be bacteria in nerves, thats why i have reacton to Antibiotics . also what do you think is causing me some vitamin deficiency, you think its candida or bacteria. and what effect would this have on my candida, taking Antibiotics ? i dont know what test exactly to do, since i am not from USA, i had some bacteria found on my tongue few years back(ehen this all epared when i took Methylprednisolone) and in my spit test, here they are. helicob pylori , streptoccous d, momolyticous (group A), streptococcus pnumonie, they also did microdiagram (is that how its said), and they showed S (sensitive) on few , penicilin and others) and one R (resistent only o one, do you think this may be it? may be some of these bacteria, i just dont know what tests to do, i dont think bacteria are on my toungue any more just on nerves i am shure, appriciate your help man

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