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Best source of info? by #68716 ..... Raw Food: The Vegetarian/Vegan

Date:   1/6/2007 8:44:04 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I'm a rube at this health thing - I have spent a lifetime in pursuit of sodium, refined sugar, etc., etc., etc.  Now, I am attempting to make lifestyle changes.  I've already cut out fast foods, entirely - it tastes like poo, makes me sick, and creates disagreeable effects for days.  I've made progress at cutting out sodas, as well.  They seem to be just as poisonous as anything else.

Any sites, forums, or books that would be helpful in this pursuit will be greatly appreciated.  By the way, I eat meat - I like it a great deal - and I've found that eating wild game is outstanding!  Is there a way to consume meats and maintain healthy habits?  Honestly, I want to get away from processed ANYthing, particularly meats, due to the antibiotics, steroids, etc. 

Oh, and just as an aside:  most of our country's agricultural crops have been genetically altered by a corporation which has genetically engineered seeds/plants to be "Roundup Ready" (immune to the effects of sprayed Roundup) BY SPLICING E-COLI BACTERIUM WITH THE LETTUCE/WHEAT/SPINACH/CORN/YOUNAMEIT.  Apparently, e-coli is resistant to Roundup and the corporation used that bacteria as a splicing tool.  And, we have the nerve to wonder how e-coli could have gotten into the lettuce?

At any rate, thanks for any help, here!


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