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Re: milk does a body good by #48222 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   1/11/2007 4:53:38 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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It takes a degree of dignity and maturity for two or more individuals to engage in meaningful conversation after previous altercations. I cannot recall your exact words, but recently you spoke of 'emotional maturity' - a blessing that certain individuals are clearly devoid of.

I should perhaps apologize for being somewhat random, but this situation reminds me of something #19236 spoke of some months ago: atomic transference. It leads me to believe that a profound energetic transference takes place between individuals who have not met in the physical sense, a trading of nature, or personality; of thought, theory, passion... There may even appear a glint in one's eye when a certain "user-name" is seen to have posted, or a comforting glow when receiving reassurance from someone you are proud to call a friend (even in this online capacity). It may even be something as trivial as a turn of phrase, or a word that pleases you, a word learned from someone potentially thousands of miles away that you rejoice in using. Bearing this in mind, it is clearly wise to guard the gates to your heart with utmost sincerity, as the destroyers, usurpers, manipulators and deceivers lie like obnoxious vampires hoping to drain you of all vitality.

As I have said before, the malignant entity exists for only as long as "we" allow it to.

I propose that the only true cure for ignorance is sincerity so profound that wisdom is offered from above. Arrogance, delusion, and thrice-daily overdoses of kelp and rock are surely not the solution!

(And cancer...? Hm, perhaps a gallstone ready to be flushed?)


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