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Re: Should I go on DIFLUCAN? by Nyssa ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/14/2007 11:01:57 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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It has been suggested to me that the antifungals are only temporary solutions. There is a HARD core die off effect, and the candida will return 2 fold if stopped...also you can not LIVE on the is not much different than living on an antibiotic, just the opposite organisms. SOO my MD aunt who practices wholistic/idiolistic medicine as well as orthodox, says to avoid the foods that promote yeast growth (well candida growth, but all the organisms ...all 3 ...are promoted by the same things...wheat...alcohol...refined carbs,,,etc)Do a mild "flush"...

-16 + oz of water mixed with 2 TBSPS of psyllium powder(any NONyeast promoting fiber will do...BTW Metamucil and the like are ALL wheat based and NO GOOD for this), and 2 TBSPS of flax seed oil
-maximum dose of multivitamin
-folic acid
-B complex (on top of the folic acid)
-vitamin C
-chromium (helps curb sweet cravings)
-acidopholus capesules...or powder mixed in the water
- and you can also take a calcium supplement (do 500 twice daily if so...your body will not absorb more than 500mcgs at a time)

Drink the ENTIRE 16+oz of this can be flavored with a Sugar free fruit juice (about 1/8 -1/4 c), just avoid grape juices as they are HUGE at promoting yeast...(AKA: WINE!)
Also make sure none of these are yeast based supplements...most unfortunately ARE. It will say right on the bottles.

Do this one to two times a day for 2 weeks THEN take the antifungal (Diflucan) and continue this flush once may back off to one multi vit and just the B complex for $$ purposes at this point if you want to...I know it's ungodly expensive! If you ever wind up on an antibiotic, or eat poorly...maybe even PARTY...(drink alcohol...which BTW wine is THE WORST for candida...and I LOVE WINE!) you can go back to phase one on this imediately for a few days and it should help to prevent the return of the yeast. Doing this may show that you DO NOT need the antifungal, but if you do, it prevents a lot of the die off effects. Of course as in any disorder increase your water intake to AT LEAST normal levels everyday...normal IS actaully about 80 oz...not the 32-64oz that the AMA suggests...that is actually just the bare minimum the body needs. Yes...and EXPECT to increase your bowel movements to 5-6 per day! This is NORMAL and healthy...your BM should float...LOL...gross huh...but it's a GOOD thing. The American's are the only culture that claims one BM per day is healthy. This increase is actually stripping the yeast over growth from your intestines naturally, w/o neccesarily KILLING it first....hence not much die off.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go work some overtime to afford this stuff as the AMA doesn't recognize "Yeast Syndrome" as a disorder and health insurance won't buy it for me!! LOL...Just kidding...kinda!! ;)

I better post this to ALL...I said I would when I heard back from my Aunt with the EXACT ingredience.....



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