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Eczema is ruining our lives --- I am desperate! by ustoo ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   3/2/2006 1:32:27 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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After reading your notes, I couldn't help but wonder how your child's eczema is today? My daughter is only 16 months. She has very severe eczema and multiple food allergies of a kind not seen yet by so many Allergists. To name a few, she is allergic to wheat, soymilk, cow milk, goat milk, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and other seafoods, turkey, beef, lamb, pork, egg, etc. To be honest, there is very little to feed her. Because of her allergies, she has what is called "food adversion." She hates food. She is on a special formula called E028. That is all she eats. This formula is as elemental as it gets. But guess what? She still itches non-stop.

My daughter has not had 2 straight hours of sleep since she was two months of age. The itching is so bad now she barely sleeps at all. The antihistamines (Benadryl and Atarax), periactin, topical steroids, etc do not work. I have spent so much money on you name what... nothing seems to work even some natural oils. In addition, I have tried fish oil, flax seed oil, evening primrose to name a few. She flares up so frequently I can hadly tell what triggers the flare-ups. I have also tried probiotics but so many of them are milk based. Now, I recently ordered online, emu oil. Has anyone tried it?

What are my other choices?. I am at my wits end. The itching has gotten so bad, I do not know what to do anymore. She is constantly wriggling in pain and causing so much harm to herself when she itches. I cut and file her nails so short that to get around that, she resorts to biting her skin open with her teeth. I am not sure the Doctors, dermatologists and allergists, have a solution either. All they counsel is more medication and greasing her from head to toe with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has destroyed our beddings, washing machine, clothes, etc. I go through tons of them. Still, no relief!

She cannot go to daycares. She must always dress up covered with long sleeves and pants. It is impossible to work with her condition. I am desparate for help to improve the life of my gift, my daughter.


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